Google Adds Photovine Service- But No Link To Google+ Yet

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The latest Google foray into social media arrived at iTunes today. it’s called Photovine and so far it is only available to iPhone users, though that seems likely to change.

Photovine is also not yet connected to Google’s social media behemoth, Google+, but that too, seems likely to change eventually.

As with all their latest social media offerings, Google is taking its time releasing them on the world.


Photovine works much like Twitter, only with photos.

Users post pictures they snap at the site, then tag them under specific categories, like “cute dogs.” Other users can see those “vines” of photos and add their own “cute dog” photos. In this way the vine grows and spreads. You could have just about any tag you wanted on your photos, say, “classic cars” or “beautiful trees” and other users would be able to see it and get the idea to continue the trend.


Hence the term, ‘vines.’


So far Google is mum on its plans for the new photo service but seems an eventual integration with Google+ would be very likely, if not practically required on their part.

It also seems likely an Android app for Photovines will be coming, probably sooner rather than later given that Android is the Google mobile O/S.


Already iPhone users have begun flocking to the new photo service which debut in an invitation-only format last month. Today, it popped up on iTunes. Users can share their Photovines pixon twitter and Facebook, but still not yet on Google+.


Stay tuned for more news about Photovine. It might have been released quietly, but I expect it will make a big splash sooner than you might expect.


The service, which debuted as an invitation-only application last month, lets users snap photos and share them with friends much the way they’d blurt out tweets on Twitter. With Photovine, though, photographers group pictures thematically, with one person taking a snap of, say, their desk and sharing it under the theme of “cluttered desks.” Other Photovine users, then, can add pictures of their work spaces. In the parlance of the new application, that’s a vine.

Vines can be mundane, like the “cluttered desk” example, or personal, like “girls night out.” Among the most popular vines today are “cutest dog” with the requisite adorable puppy pics, and “Things I Love About Summer” with shots of a cold glass of beer and another of kites flying over a beach, among others.

Anyone can see photos you post, either by browsing the vine in which the photo was included or by browsing your profile. People following you, though, will receive the snaps automatically in their feed. In Photovine, no approval is needed to browse or follow another person.

The service is entirely iPhone-based, with both pictures and vine titles composed on the device. Users can share photos and vines on Facebook and Twitter. Oddly, there is no integration yet with Google’s own social-networking service, Google+. And Photovine only exists on iTunes now, and not for devices running Google’s Android mobile operating system.


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