How Much Money Would You Make If You Converted 50% More Of Your Traffic Into Customers?

Dear Fellow Online Marketing Patriot –

Reality check…

Do people stop by to visit you online only to click away screaming?

Ok maybe it’s not that bad – maybe I’m being even a tad overly dramatic…

The truth is, they most likely they click away yawning because they have the digital attention spans of gnats and you had no “sweet stuff” for them to chew on!

Go To Your Site Right Now To Find Your Sweet Spot

By quickly answer the following…

  1. Is your site burdened with boring-brochure-like-talk?
  2. Did you overload with artwork that doesn’t matter?
  3. Are your call to actions as clear as mud?

Oops…Are You A Razzle-Dazzle-Frazzler?

Probably – most people are.

And that’s assuming they hang out long enough to see your show before on to the next greatest thing – wondering and waiting to be wowed.

Do You Make Lemonade Or Chase Apples?

Are you blaming you lack of “stickiness” on the “quality” of traffic and wasting time trying every “get traffic while you sleep” technique?

All so you can fill the leaky bucket you call a website?

“Traffic Is Vanity, Sales Are Sanity.”

Look with less than three blinks of an eye to wow them before they bounce off or jump down the next rabbit hole… 

Well let’s just say – you have to get a lot more going for you than just “curb appeal”.

And it’s not easy to do – but with my proven process it’s much easier than you think and totally worth it!

Would You Like A FREE Cheat Sheet To Double Your Sales?

If you are a passionate blogger hoping to build a subscriber list… 

If you own an ecommerce site and desperately need to sell more widgets…

Even if you’re simply a social media enthusiast or internet marketer with landing pages, videos and complicated sales funnels…

If your business depends on consumers taking action online then this report might be exactly what you need to get better results – guaranteed.

All you need to do is say this out loud three times while clicking your heels…

“I’m Ready To Make Most Out Of What I Have RIGHT Now!”

Get Your Roadmap To A Rocking ROI Now 

What This FREE Ebook Includes…

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are often the first thing your potential customers will see. Get them optimized them to make sure your landing page conversion rate numbers significantly increase. Build landing pages that engage your customers and give them a reason to delve further into the website or complete a transaction.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Not all Web traffic is the same. A good sales funnel will take customers from general interest in the product or service to a closed deal or transaction, while simultaneously eliminating those visitors who are less likely to convert.

Multivariate Testing and A/B Testing

Testing reveals which strategies are generating the best results. Small changes can make a big difference, and this can ensure everything is targeted correctly. Learn to set up A/B or multivariate testing to find out what is working and what will work even better.

Website Optimization/Maintenance

Strict website maintenance can correct issues like outdated content, broken links and other issues that turn away potential customers. Fine tune your calls-to-action, streamline forms or other elements with which users interact, and add new, optimized content.


To Your Success,

Lori R Taylor

PS  I’d love to hear the results of your testing, so please feel free to share here. Together we can get smarter faster  – I’d love to celebrate your success with you!