Facebook Scores A Big Fat “F”

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When it vcomes to getting good grades Mark Zuckerberg scores an “A” for revenue, but an “F” in customer satisfaction. These are the latest findings of a new American Customer Satisfaction Index poll. The poll showed that Facebook had a long way to go to win back customer trust and satisfaction (if it ever had it to begin with.)


Shoot The Messenger; Listen To The Message

These latest findings by ACSI don’t mean squat for your company Fan page, however, as they just relate to the service provided by Facebook and not the information it is delivering. People are getting more than a little tired of Zuckerberg’s attitude that everything you post on his service belongs to him. They want privacy and they expect him to deliver it. If he doesn’t they might start migrating AWAY from his service.

If your company has been paying attention then you know that the specific social media service you use to promote your company does not matter as much as the fact that you have an effective and professionally managed social media marketing program in place.

And you DO have one of those, right?


Ubiquity does not equal quality, and that applies to social media sites as well as cable providers, according to a new survey of social media users by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Specifically, the ACSI found that Facebook, by all accounts the dominant social network, has one of the lowest customer satisfaction rankings both on the Web and among major companies generally.  How low? We’re talking down by the airlines… ouch!

Facebook scored 64 out of 100 on the ACSI point scale, which is like an “F” on a standard grading rubric. The sources of dissatisfaction listed by ACSI include privacy issues, frequent changes to user interfaces, and increasing commercialization. For comparison’s sake, Google scored 80, YouTube scored 73 and Wikipedia scored 77, due to fewer big changes in the interface and a less intrusive approach to privacy.

ACSI founder Claes Fornell wrote: “Like Google, Wikipedia’s user interface has remained very consistent over the years, and its nonprofit standing means that it has not been impacted by commercialization and marketing unlike many other social media sites.”

Now, it may be tempting (for social media marketers, at least) to dismiss the concerns about commercialization out of hand. After all, it should be pretty clear by now that Facebook is not a charity, and users are naïve if they expect something for nothing. The business of America is business (the argument goes), all we’re trying to do is sell ‘em something fer chrissakes, blah blah blah. However this is letting Facebook off easy.

First of all, there’s nothing to indicate that ACSI respondents are against commercialization per se; Google is also a for-profit business but it scored way higher than Google. Most consumers are sophisticated enough to understand that a free service like Facebook, with no subscription fees, has to rely on other means of support like advertising. The problem is clearly with how Facebook has gone about it — and (more specifically) how it has repeatedly failed to communicate important changes to users.


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