Facebook Reigns In Contests With Clear And Concise Rules

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social media marketingWhen it comes to social media, the social part if the most important part. In fact, it is downright crucial. Unfortunately not everyone gets it. Spam is becoming a problem for Facebook the way it became a problem for free e-mail service in the 1990’s. Spam practically killed free e-mail by making people insecure, afraid even to answer e-mails for fear of downloading a virus or leaving themselves open to spyware or malicious attack.

On Facebook it is even more pernicious, with users being lured to enter private information by offering them entries into contests to win free meals, gifts and cash. To reign in this fraudulent activity Facebook just released some very specific rules about what can be offered during these so-called “contests.” By trying to put the kibosh on these spam-games Facebook is doing what it can to protect the social aspect of their social media empire. And not a moment too soon.


A spokesperson for Facebook has confirmed that the contest policy hasn’t changed, but rather that Facebook has simplified the language.

Like our sibling blog GalleyCat astutely pointed out, contests may not require anything of a Facebook user other than:

  • liking a page,
  • checking into a page, or
  • connecting with an application.

Now, if you’ve ever clicked on any posting promising a free gift and leading to a marketing questionnaire, with fine print specifying that completing a survey enters you in a drawing, you can see the security implications of reining in contest guidelines.

Of course, most Facebook users have learned to recognize these posts as the scams that they are and delete them, then warn their friends about them.

The contest guidelines also state that you cannot make entrance into a contest conditional upon a user:

  • liking a wall post
  • posting a comment, or
  • uploading a photo.

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