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How Often Should You Post to Facebook?

by Team Caffeine · 2 comments

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You’re on Facebook to get attention for your business, right? You want to start conversations with your customers and get them talking about your brand.

Because getting attention is your aim, it figures that you should post to Facebook as much as you can. The more you share with your fans, the more they’ll have to talk about.

But how often should you post, really? Is it possible to go overboard and post too much?

In the past, we’ve recommended sharing something on Facebook at least once per day.

Facebook’s official advice agrees. Here’s what Facebook says:

We recommend posting about once per day to keep people returning to your Page.

Yet all businesses are different – as Facebook acknowledges:

Each Page has a unique audience that may respond better to more or fewer updates. Experiment with different posting schedules and see what works best by checking engagement metrics in your Page Insights.

If you notice that engagement with your Page has decreased, try varying your posts and post frequency.

New research from wisemetrics indicates that for maximum engagement, it could be best to post several times per day.

Their research found that a typical Facebook post receives 75% of its lifetime views within the first two hours of being published. Within the first two-and-a-half hours, it will receive 75% of its lifetime engagement.

What does this mean?

First, the time of day you post matters. If your fans aren’t online in the two hours after you post, they’ll probably miss what you said. For advice on the best time of day to post, check out our infographic here.

Second, if you want to maximize your reach, it’s worth posting to Facebook several times per day. As the shelf life of posts is now so short, it looks as though a minimum of three posts her day is ideal. That said, it’s best to limit yourself to five Facebook updates per day. Otherwise you risk overwhelming your most loyal Facebook fans.

Finally, track your metrics. Just because your posts have a short shelf life doesn’t mean they can’t be effective. By seeing the types of posts that perform best, you can perfect the art of getting as much engagement as possible in a short period.

Posting to Facebook every day can get time consuming. To save time, consider using a scheduling service such as Buffer App. This allows you to schedule Facebook updates in advance. We’ve written a guide to scheduling here.

Your Shout

How often do you post to Facebook? How often do you think you should post to Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

Lori R Taylor is the founder and executive editor of Social Caffeine. In 2009 she started her own direct response focused social media agency, REV Media Marketing LLC, coining the phrase given by her young son, “You bring the rain, we’ll make it pour.” Follow Lori on Twitter.

David is our acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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Johnny Plan July 6, 2014 at 9:38 am

The one post per day suggested by Facebook is funny, that might have been true when they first started, now if you don’t post every couple of day 3-4 there’s small chances anyone seeing your posts, I usually do around 7-9 a day for the best results. Also scheduling is a good idea, you can’t just sit in front of your computer to make a post every couple of hours, I use – to schedule posts on pages and groups and it works great.


Michael LaRocca June 21, 2016 at 5:08 pm

I think the correct answer is trending toward “never” because the new algorithm means it won’t be seen unless you spend money.


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