Facebook Or Paid Search: Which Is Best For Your Business?

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyA new survey of small business owners show them casting their lot in with the social media giant Facebook over just about anything else, including paid search. In fact, the new survey by Roost, shows 70 percent of respondents reported Facebook advertising worked better than paid search. A full 80 percent said they preferred Facebook over sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Is this information really a surprise to anyone? The fact is, there are more than 700 million active Facebook users. It only makes sense, if you are trying to reach the widest possible audience you will prefer the service which makes this audience available. And not just any audience-an audience that is committed to spending an average of 30 minutes a day scanning their page, checking updates, communicating with friends–these folks are not just a captive audience, they are an involved audience.

When it comes to paid search you can certainly reach those people who are looking for the services you provide. But what about the people who don’t even realize they need your services? How does paid search reach them? It doesn’t. This is another good reason why savvy business people prefer social media (which right now means Facebook) to a static service such as paid search.

Small businesses find Facebook to be a more effective means of marketing than paid search.

This comes from a survey by Roost, which found that 71.4 percent of small businesses surveyed find social media more effective than paid search, cited by 15 percent.

And when asked which specific social media platform worked best for them, 84.1 percent of the survey respondents said Facebook — a 76 point lead over other social media included in the question, including the professional network LinkedIn.
Like Roost Chief Executive Officer Alex Chang said:

What we see with these results are that social media marketing is an incredibly valuable part of a local business’s arsenol for success. There’s a low barrier to entry because it’s free and easy to get started with it. It’s also fun and a great way to interact with customers, many of whom prefer social media to other marketing channels. And most importantly, it works. These are all very important factors to local businesses who often have little time and budget but who want to attract new customers and grow their businesses.

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