Facebook Makes Social Media Marketing Easy

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Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Facebook has worked very hard to make itself as user-friendly as possible. Facebook may have started as a way for college students to connect and stay in touch, but today it reaches across demographics making it a marketers paradise.

But don’t let the term marketer fool you. This does not mean only professional, high level, corporate marketers can make good use of Facebook. Their tools are so easy to use that just about anyone, at any level, can make some use of their tools to market themselves. Obviously the more you hope to gain from your efforts the more likely it is you might need professional assistance, but if you just want to promote your upcoming school bake sale, that is perfectly possible basic and simple Facebook tools.

Just because you have a Facebook page, however, doesn’t mean your social media marketing is covered. Not quite. A social media marketing professional understands how important it is to integrate your relationship marketing efforts with traditional marketing efforts in order to give you a well-rounded marketing plan which covers as many angles as possible. A Facebook page is a great place to start but it is hardly the end-all, be-all of social media marketing.

When it comes to social media marketing you need a plan which is based on a plan designed to deliver the specific results you are looking for. But you also need a plan which is accessible and easy to understand. Facebook certainly makes some aspects of social media marketing a piece of cake, but remember, it’s just a great place to start–not the end of the journey.


Use Facebook events to promote landmark events and promotions – This technique provides one of the best ways to interact with your audience – displaying information about your special events in fans news feeds. The level of interest that your initiatives generate can be used to shape and improve future campaigns.

Sponsorship – Sponsorship isn’t to be taken lightly; realistically only those brands with the biggest budgets will be able to implement sponsorship as a viable option. According to memeburn “Facebook allows the sponsorship of Virtual gifts within popular applications.” Taking this step will allow your company to reach a much wider audience – when they share that virtual gift, this will then be translated to an even bigger audience.

Make sure you have a “Like” button on your site – With Facebook people just love to share. By having an option to “like” your website, you open up the business to a much wider target audience – when your site is liked by someone, this information will then be displayed on their wall and the timelines of their friends.

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