Facebook Connect Helps Create A Video Hit

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‘Take This Lollipop’ Please

Looking for the next great idea in social media? What about putting your Fans directly into your next viral video?

Take This Lollipop‘ is doing just that with a creepy stalker video that first asks for your permission to access your Facebook information, then incorporates that information-photos, status updates, location information-in the video itself. Of course the subject of the video is an online stalker who now seems to be stalking YOU, but the premise itself is simply amazing.

The app uses Facebook Connect to make all the creepiness happen. This same technique could be used on any video correctly designed. That means you could have your fans information inserted into any video in a similar fashion. What a great way to connect with your customers! (As long as you aren’t trying to scare the heck out of them.)

The video is making the rounds on Facebook right now. So far more than 5 million people have submitted their information and watched the video and that number is continuing to grow. Jason Zada, a digital marketer, has taken credit for the viral video hit. He states on the site that the app will only use your Facebook information once and does not store any of your information. Still, the creepiness factor is turned to 11.

This video would be a great warning video for kids because it shows just how much information we post on our social media accounts and (perhaps) just how easy it might be for someone to access that information. It is also a great example of how to connect with fans via a couple existing social media tools but in an entirely new and unique way.

I expect to see a surge of similar videos making their way across Facebook any day now…


When you open up the site and click on an image of a blue lollipop, you’re prompted to allow Take This Lollipop to access your Facebook profile. This is standard stuff; for instance, if you want to use your Facebook profile to comment on a website—say, Slate—you agree to such access. But Take This Lollipop demonstrates exactly what you agree to when you hit “OK.”

In a stunning display of interactivity, the site shows a creepy video, a couple of minutes long,  showing a dirty, creepy man, his fingerstips caked with grime as he points his way to Facebook. There, he accesses … your profile. The site takes the information from your Facebook page and seamlessly weaves it into the video. You watch as the stalker looks at your photographs, your recent status updates, your list of friends. Then he pulls up Google Maps and finds directions to your home (geographic data contained in your profile). He hops into a car, your profile photograph taped to the dashboard. The scene ends as he gets out of the car, presumably to track down his target—you. As horror movies go, the plot’s pretty thin. But it’s still jolting to see yourself cast as the victim.

Click here to read more about the video.

Click here to watch “Take This Lollipop.”

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