Facebook And Netflix Might Join Forces

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social media marketingIn what could wind up becoming the biggest team-up to happen yet this year (and there have already been some major ones) Facebook appears to be in discussions with Netflix about joining forces. Let’s face it, Facebook is still the biggest player online right now, bar none. Their growth has been meteoric, to say the least and they continue to add millions of new members every day. Netflix too has seen exponential growth over the past 12 months and they too continue to add new members. By joining together both companies stand to reach even bigger audiences by providing a wealth of new features (well, new to each of their respective companies.)
It is still too early to know what will come of these discussions but it seems to me, what Mark Zuckerberg wants, he gets. So, if he wants to play ball with Netflix, he definitely will.

Hollywoodnews.com: It could be a marriage made in media heaven. Facebook, the social media giant, is in talks for a partnership with video streamer Netflix that a create a tool that allows users to share their favorite TV shows, news, music and more.

It is a step by Facebook to advance beyond the sharing of personal memories such as photos and video clips. Analysts told the N.Y. Times that the social media company’s move “was part of its ambition to become a hub for all types of activities on the Internet” because its users “increasingly define themselves through the media they consume.”

“We’re always looking for better ways to help people discover the most relevant content on Facebook but have nothing to announce,” the company said in a statement.

In addition to Netflix, Facebook is exploring partnerships with other media services that could help people share music and movies.

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