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Facebook has a way of making decades old technology new and fresh. Don’t believe me? Just look at its entire commenting and chat systems. These are basically just a repackaging of technology we had when AOL and CompuServe were still duking it out. Put a ‘Facebook‘ sticker on it and it looks like cutting edge 21st century tech.

So, when Facebook announced this week that they would now allow users to edit their own comments I was less than impressed. After all, Google+ has always allowed users to edit their own status updates, so this is hardly earth-shattering news. In fact, the new Facebook feature records the history comment, so with one click any user can see the mistake you created initially and whatever changes you made to it during editing. This really makes the new feature completely useless in my opinion. If you wanted the whole world to see your mistake you would have just left the comment alone in the first place.

Facebook really seems to be grasping at straws when it comes to innovation, while totally ignoring some of the things that users have been clamoring for. Like a ‘DisLike’ button. Or a way to edit their own status updates. Or, choosing whether or not they want Timeline.

In my opinion this latest feature is hardly worth mentioning, except to cite as an example of the ways in which Facebook continues to act as if it is in a different plane of existence from the people who use their service. At some point, maybe sooner rather than later, when they tire of Facebook’s antics people are going to find other ways to mass communicate online. They might migrate to Google+ or they might find some other, yet to be invented social media network, and go there. That is why it is crucial anyone using social media for marketing purposes understands that is the essence of what you do which matters, not the network.

Social media marketing is relationship marketing. Learn to build relationships online and it won’t matter what service you use to do it. Just that you do it.

But starting Thursday the site is also now offering the ability to edit your comment — and change that pappy back to the puppy you intended in the first place. The edit option appears in the form of a small pencil icon on the right side of your comment. Clicking on the pencil will bring up a drop-down menu with the option to edit your comment as well as the option to delete it entirely.

Facebook told Mashable the site will also be “showing the editing history for a comment so that subsequent commenters or likers have the full context of the conversation.” That way if someone responds to a comment that gets edited commenters in the future can see the history of the conversation and not get lost.

Click here to read more of this story from Mashable.

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Paul June 26, 2012 at 6:57 am

its interesting indeed, we have just added the facebook plugin to our WordPress blog, which I consider real progress. On the whole I am constantly bemoaning all that is Facebook, and extolling Google+ nice article though thanks


DebbyBruck June 28, 2012 at 8:46 pm

Truly frustrating if it does not act with an “erase” old mistake feature. It’s laughable. I also wrote about it “Who Has Control Of Your FaceBook Settings?” http://bit.ly/ABwkCP


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