Everyone Has a Social Media ʺSignatureʺ – Here’s How to Find (And Use) Yours

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Michael Jordan opened his mouth as he dunked one-handed.

Michael Jackson glided across the stage in a moonwalk.

High jumper Dick Fosbury was the first to clear the jump bar backwards, inventing the Fosbury Flop.

Up-and-coming pop star Stefani Germanotta received a text message from her producer, with a typo: Lady Gaga. “Don’t ever call me Stefani again,” she replied.

Chefs have a signature dish, a meal they’ve invented to demonstrate their unique flair and cooking abilities.

In the middle ages, European kings stamped their edicts and letters with a wax seal of their offical emblem. “This letter is genuine,” the seal implied. “The words are mine, and they have my full approval.”

In 1915, product designer Earl R. Dean invented the “hobble skirt” glass bottle. Every day, millions of Cokes are served in this bottle all around the world.

Dancers, wrestlers and sports people all have signature moves.

Your signature says this is me, this is what I’m about.

Your signature is the part of you no one can steal, it’s not copyrighted because it doesn’t need to be. Your essense.

With your signature, you give your word, you sign contracts.

Bestselling author Sean Platt, who used to work in a flower shop, writes:

“When you create a bouquet of flowers, you need to finish off your design before you hand it across the counter. Not only does a completed bouquet need a beautiful ribbon to tie it all together, it also needs a focal point so striking it takes the viewer’s breath away.”

How does this apply to your social media signature?

Lesson One: More Than Great

Your signature is not the same as doing a good job. You should be doing a good job as standard. You should have a niche. You should be listening to your customers and building relationships. You should have a social media strategy. All those come before your signature.

Lesson Two: Signature is One Thing

Signature is simple.

Signature is the one thing that makes you unique and special. Not two things. Not twenty things. If you have two signatures that makes you a fraud, a con-man.

Lesson Three: Signature is Unique

No one can copy your signature, because signature is integral to who you are.

Skelliewag writes:

“The internet is so vast that chances are at least one other person is writing [or Tweeting] on the topics you cover. By signing content with your own signature — your thought process, your experiences, your stories — you’re ensuring readers can only come to you and you alone for the content you provide.”

To be a voice that people respect, listen to and return to, you need a signature.

What’s yours?

Choosing Your Signature

To say you choose your signature is the wrong way around. Your signature chooses you. But you can be conscious of your signature.

As you keep your eyes open to your signature, be aware of what’s you unique about you.

Consider your:

  • Values
  • Voice
  • Personality
  • Story
  • Appearance
  • World view
  • Sense of humor

A final word of encouragement: Don’t worry if you’re still discovering your signature. Perhaps it’s still unfolding.

Michael Jackson sang professionally for nearly 20 years before he learned to moonwalk.

Coca Cola had been around almost 30 years before the “hobble skirt” bottle was invented.

Stefani Germanotta Band spent over a year performing in SGBand before she relaunched herself as Lady Gaga.

Hold firm to who you are, and your signature will come.

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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