Email Marketing Making A Comeback

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyThanks to the positive effect from social media, email marketing is making a big comeback. This is good news for marketers and for business looking to get their message out to the widest possible audience.

Email marketing was once the darling of the marketing industry. But efforts to restrict its use and the surge of other marketing tools left many to feel e-mail marketing had served its purpose.

Abandoning e-mail marketing is the wrong move, however.

In fact, new tools make e-mail marketing even easier and a whole lot more effective by combining your marketing efforts with social media. New applications provide a better integration of social media and direct mail marketing efforts, and make it easier than ever for small businesses to do this work themselves.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right. E-mail marketing is certainly worth the effort, and if you combine it with a well managed social media network, you are doing it right.

VerticalResponse Inc., a leading provider of self-service email marketing software, online survey, social media and direct mail marketing solutions for small businesses, today debuted its next-generation set of social sharing tools that provides deeper integration between email marketing and social media.

VerticalResponse customers can now include social sharing icons in their email messages and newsletters, enabling their recipients to spread the word on their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks with just one click. The company also announced its new “Total Social Reach” reporting feature that tracks which recipients share an email message via social channels, how the message is passed along and via which networks – the full social media “ripple effect.”

With the new social sharing features, businesses can easily add Facebook’s “Like,” Twitter’s “Tweet” and LinkedIn’s “InShare” buttons anywhere within the body of their email. Once a recipient clicks on a button, a message box with a vanity URL, which is linked to the hosted version of the email, is automatically generated and ready to be posted to the desired network.

With Total Social Reach metrics, VerticalResponse customers are able to:

See which – and how many – recipients click on the “Like,” “Tweet” and/or “InShare” button within an email.
Track how many times the email message is re-posted, liked, tweeted, shared or commented on by the recipient’s network of friends and connections (and their networks).

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