Effective Social Media Marketing Takes Effort

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So You Wanna Be A Social Media Darling…

Don’t expect overnight social media success unless your name is Ashton Kutcher. That doesn’t mean you cannot achieve social media success. It just means it is going to take you more effort than it does a celebrity.

I like to tell my clients that social media marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. It entails lots of work, careful planning and dedication to the end result. Oh, and more hard work. Social media marketing is just another tool in your arsenal, it’s not the only tool, and it might not even be the most effective tool, depending on the job, but it is a tool. You can now reach more people via social media marketing than you can through any other marketing tool. The numbers don’t lie.

You still need a good plan, however. You need a complete marketing plan with social media marketing carefully integrated into it so as to leverage the results you are looking for. And you need to include a clear call to action. As Lori Taylor often points out, without a clear call to action your visitors won’t know what they are supposed to once they get there.

Your investment into social media marketing needs to be balanced so as not to outweigh the potential returns. If the goal is increased visitors to your web site, have a clear understanding of what those visitors will mean to your bottom line. that makes it much easier to determine how much time, effort and money needs to be invested in your social media marketing plan. And if you are unsure of any of these things consider recruiting a social media consultant to help you understand what you might gain and what those gains might cost you.

Don’t ignore social media marketing because you are trying to avoid more work. Embrace it, but use it wisely so as to leverage the specific results you need.

Still, the panelists said, getting involved in social media requires dedication, such as the effort Dell put into training 6,000 employees or how the top executives at Ford lead the company’s social media efforts. The examples are endless.

“We like to say that social media and digital is everyone’s job,” Ward said. “It’s not just one person at your company, it’s not just a department or a silo at your company. It is really about creating a culture.”

Smartphones, not laptops or tablets, will soon dominate the marketplace, he said, adding that executives at Google expect 50 percent of the country will own a smartphone by the end of the year, with about 500,000 new devices being added every few days.

If “you’re not ready for that, you are really missing out where everything is going,” he said.

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