E-Cigarettes Go Digital and Get Social Media

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social media marketingOk, it’s not the best use of social media from the standpoint of healthy living, but it sure is ingenious. ‘Blu’ a company which makes electronic cigarettes is starting a new social media service that lets their e-cig smokers opt-in and find out when other e-cig users are ‘lighting up.’ Ingenious!
I am not encouraging people to smoke, but I LOVE the idea of tying in real world activities with online behaviors. The whole idea that smoking is a social thing has been overlooked by most manufacturers, but not by ‘Blu.’ They get it. And they also get social media. So by bringing those two things together they create a new way to do something their users have always done: light up.
Ingenious, I say, ingenious!

An e-cigarette is an electrical device shaped like a standard cigarette that attempts to create the sensation of smoking a cigarette – users inhale a nebulized mist that contains nicotine. E-cigarettes are marketed as a “safe” (medical professionals are dubious of this claim) alternative that replicates the physical sensation, appearance, flavor and nicotine buzz of a regular cigarette. Many smokers like them because they can circumvent the rules against smoking indoors or in public places: e-smokers exhale only water vapor.

Blu is taking e-cigarettes a step further by introducing a new The new “smart packs,” which will go on sale next month for $80 for five e-cigarettes, are equipped with devices that emit and search for the radio signals of other packs. When they get within 50 feet of one another, the packs vibrate and flash a blue light, writes the Times.

“You’ll meet more people than ever, just because of the wow factor,” Jason Healy, the founder of Blu, told the times. “It’s like with any new technology.”

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