Downy Paid Him How Much To Live In A Macy’s Window?

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However much it was, it was TOO much – way too much.

This video is part of video series from Comedian Mike Birbiglia who lives in a Macy’s window display for the Downy Clean Sheet challenge. (It’s also my first video in the daily spam or slam challenge.)

At first blush Downy’s first video seems to be a “hit” (or a dream come true if you are an every day marketer) if you just looked it at from a number of views subscribers with over 2 million viewers. Then it’s a little downhill from there ranging from 425,000+ to 3,000+ on the new 6 or 7 videos.

In fact, interestingly enough (I’m using the phrase loosely), the only videos that got a 6-figure viewership include random other “street” people interacting with him. And while the views are high, they didn’t seem to do much for adding subscribers (1096) or friends (116).

Would you subscribe? Anything here making you want to come back for more?

So what was the point Downy?

Brand awareness? 


Really? As if no one knows who Downy is…

Having worked with P&G for over 15 years, I know brand awareness and affinity are important components to the marketing strategy of CPG companies. But I also know from the perspective of a big brand, two million views is like throwing a straw at a hay bale and expecting the barn to explode.

(If you’re lucky the brand manager will wait for you to be removed from the building by security so you don’t have to actually watch the brand manager tears up your business card and tosses it into the trash and that he or she waits for you to be removed from the building by security first.)

Sorry, I don’t get it…

Do you?

For me it’s boring – and honestly, it wasn’t even funny to me.

As for branding? What branding?

The only Downy branding is an ad at the top of the video and some copy at the end.  Also weak is the fact there is no intro to the video, so if you “stumbled” onto the video, you’d have no idea what it was about, until the very end – and that’s assuming anyone GOT to the end.

It’s typical old school marketing

Put it up, throw some ads at it, do ad buys to drive traffic and then assume the viewer cares enough about you to stay to the end to know why they were watching in the first place.  (How or why they actually buy is a entirely different post!)

A “story” without context is….

Well, just what this is…a guy in a bathrobe doing nothing. Yawn.

Sorry – but I’m with “Inoxiqated” on YouTube… (edited for PG-13)

I’m with Nobody gives a f____ about your stupid “I’m in a window look at me now” publicity stunt bullshit, stop wasting my time and.get your f______ advertisements off of Youtube Intoxiqated.

How’s that brand affinity working out for you Downy?

My vote?  SPAM – definitely spam.


If you are going to use videos, don’t assume anyone (including your mom) wants to dig around on your YouTube page to determine if they should watch your content.

Please don’t get so caught up in the wow factor of YouTube that you forget to do the basics like having a cool headline, it’s your hook! For example, this video could have said “Serenaded By A Stranger” as opposed to “A Day In The Life”. If you struggle with this, copyblogger has great posts on awesome headlines.

If you can the start of your video should be of an inviting or interesting image so the user WANTS to press play to “engage”.  Remember, in the first few seconds, most people WANT a reason to watch – give them one!

Make you tell them at the beginning of EACH video, what the point is.  Of course you don’t give them the punch line – but create the best hook you can.  Lead them through to the end game to the CTA at the end, but you can’t let them leave the “room” before you get there…

Or what’s your point?

If you want your video submitted to be reviewed for a Grand Slam or Big Piece of Spam, please send me a link on Twitter @lorirtaylor or Facebook at my fan page

Lori Taylor


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