Don’t Try To Fool Your Social Media Audience

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyLook, you might have thousands of Followers on Twitter and thousands more on Facebook, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they will do what you want them to do.
Social media users are savvy.
Research is showing that those who use social media are much more wary of what they see, read, hear and experience on the web. They are less likely to click advertisements and very unlikely to buy anything they see advertised on the Internet.
This likely has more to do with the quality of things being offered as it does with their ability to resist a good deal.
So, take a good hard look at what you are selling, or trying to get them to do. If there is no value in it for, and I mean TRUE VALUE, don’t waste your time. Go back to the drawing board, find the value in your product/service and offer them that. They just might take the bait.
Otherwise, you’re just monkeying-around.

Internet users are wary of social media platform as they have difficult spotting ‘what’s dodgy and what’s not’, it has been claimed.

Con Mallon, director of regional product marketing at security giant Norton, said that while internet users are increasingly able to spot malicious e-mails, social media attacks are more difficult to recognise.

‘I think some of the education we’ve done over the last number of years is helping people and I think when they’ve been reading e-mails they’re kind of aware of looking out for dodgy looking attachments or spelling or grammar mistakes that kind of give the game away.

‘But I think with a lot of the attacks living on social networks, it’s very, very difficult to determine if that really is [an attack] – because it’s coming through from a friend or acquaintance [and] it gives it that level of authenticity, that level of trust.’

Mintel research recently showed that 78 per cent of consumers use social media platforms to stay in touch with friends, up from 68 per cent last year.

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