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Music is among the fastest growing sector of the social media landscape.

It Makes Sense

This is no coincidence. The fact that more and more music listeners are getting their music online, it only makes sense that they would start looking for it on their social media network as well. It doesn’t hurt that musicians and performers are turning to social media as a means to promote their art. Whether it is Lady Gaga, with 10 million users on Facebook and Twitter, or a Fan Page for ‘Glee’ with millions more friends, if you are a fan of someone you will likely find them online at one of the social media outlets.

Good Business
This isn’t just a case of someone seeking even more fame. This is good business sense. There are more than a billion people using social media on any given day. This amounts to the biggest audience ever made available. If your business requires you to reach out to large groups of people, then social media clearly makes the most sense.

Music is dominating the cultural conversation among Twitter users, who are now sending 200m Tweets a day, a tenfold increase over the last 30 months and an increasingly essential part of artist marketing.

The top two Twitter trending entertainment topics in the first half of 2011 were singer Rebecca Black and Femme Fatale, the recent album from Britney Spears, while UK band Mumford & Sons were the eighth most popular topic.

And four of the top five Twitter users based on number of followers are musicians, with Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber at one and two, ahead of Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Eminem’s official Facebook page has the third largest number of “likes”, according to the Guinness Book of Records with 42.05m, behind Facebook’s own page and Zynga’s Texas Hold’em. GaGa’s Facebook has 39.49m “likes” in fifth.

Music Week today looks at the increasing influence that social media possesses – notably Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – in promoting artists.

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