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Stepping into the deep end of the social media swimming pool can be a little scary, especially when you hear horror stories of what people can (and often do) say about your company. Of course it’s worth mentioning that they will say and do these things whether you are there or not. At least, if you’re there, you can defend yourself.

There Is More Good News
As it happens you are not alone when it comes to having concerns about being lost in the social media world. That’s why there are social media professionals, like Lori Taylor, to help you protect your interests and defend your brand. There is no guarantee that problems will not ever arise; that the waters will always be safe and calm and shark-free. But having a social media marketing professional on your side helps put the odds in your favor.

Play The Odds
No doubt as a business owner you have learned that there is a need to take chances, but that you can mitigate your risks when you take those chances so that the odds are more in your favor.

That’s just business. Smart business.

There is always going to be an unknown factor when it comes to doing business. New technologies, new products, new employees, new customers; that’s a fact of business. If you fear the unknown there is no way you will grow your business.

Be afraid, but don’t let that far keep you from your own success. Get help. It’s out there. Just reach for it.

It wasn’t until a man diagnosed with measles ate at her New Jersey diner that Connie Correia Fisher, co-owner of The Pop Shop, discovered that the only thing that spreads faster than an infectious disease is bad news.

“We had every major TV station here. All the papers were here, and people were freaking out,” said Fisher, who co-owns The Pop Shop with husband and professional actor Stink Fisher. But that’s not all. Within no time, parents and restaurant regulars alike had taken to the Internet, voicing their health concerns on public platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

But while Fisher couldn’t stop the television crews from hanging outside her six-year-old restaurant, she was able to “constantly beat back down” the fear-mongering flooding social media channels, thereby saving her company “thousands of dollars” in lost business. That’s because Fisher subscribes to Sprout Social, a social media monitoring tool that, for $50 a month, helps her keep tabs on every single online conversation mentioning The Pop Shop.

Welcome to the world of social media where 140 characters can cause irreparable damage to your company’s reputation — and bottom line — in seconds flat. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn — each one is a digital grapevine, letting consumers air their grievances to millions with the single click of a mouse.

When someone posted a video on YouTube of rats running around a New York City Taco Bell restaurant in February of 2007, the video spread across the web like wildfire, causing Taco Bell’s (YUM, Fortune 500) stock price and sales to drop, and prompting duplicate videos with more than two million views to date.

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