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Social media is a great tool that young people seem to have taken a shine to. They quickly grasp the latest technology and adapt easily to changing tools. Unfortunately, while they might know a lot about Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn, they don’t always know what is best for your brand.

Be certain you set some very specific goals before letting them loose with your company’s reputation.

Have A Plan And Stick To It
The best way to keep your social media manager on target is to have a social media business plan for them to follow. Set some very specific goals and some very specific limitations for them to follow. Don’t abandon them to a corner office and leave them to “work their magic” without supervision. You need to manage your business every day, that includes your social media manager.

Adjust Regularly
Chances are your social media will need to be tweaked as time goes on. That means the plan you have today might change tomorrow, because of market conditions, changes in the industry or some other unexpected reason.

This is ok!

I cannot emphasize enough how ok it is to adjust your social media plan as you go along. In fact, it’s not only ok, its a requirement of using social media.

Have a plan, stick to it, but don’t be afraid to change it when you need to. That’s the best way to manage your social media marketing effort.

Social media’s power comes from messaging that is instantaneous, unfiltered and personally published. Social media’s peril? Ditto.
Yet many businesses blindly leave social media decisions to interns, junior staff and outsourced young turks. Marketers and owners usually figure that since millennials practically grew up on Facebook, IM and texting, younger people will best engage with social media’s slipstream.

The problem is, even if they’re Twitter aficionados, they’re likely newbies when it comes to brand experience.

“There is a disconnect between the old-school marketing generation, who moves slower but understands the value of brand management, and the younger social media generation, who moves fast but settles for quick and dirty,” says Lorrie Thomas Ross, a self-styled Web marketing therapist based in Santa Barbara, California. “That can make a business quick, but you also end up in the dirty camp.”

No tweet is an island
For example, earlier this year, social media strategist Scott Bartosiewicz, a contractor on Chrysler’s account, got stuck in Detroit traffic. Whiling away the downtime, Bartosiewicz, 28, tweeted his irritation via mobile on what he thought was his personal account: “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f______ drive.”

Turned out, he posted to @ChryslerAutos by mistake. FYI, Chrysler’s current tagline is “Imported from Detroit.”

With some 13,700 Chrysler followers, Bartosiewicz was widely retweeted and infamous within hours. He not only lost his job, but Chrysler walked away from New Media Strategies, the Virginia-based agency that handled the account. That cost more jobs.

Now let’s just push this digital envelope. Assume young Bartosiewicz actually had posted to his personal Twitter account. Would it matter? Where’s the boundary between personal and professional on social media? Dishing online, even under the veil of a personal Facebook page or Twitter account, is not like kvetching to a friend over lunch. Untold hundreds, maybe thousands, may be invited to “share.” All it takes is one RT (retweet).

Clearly, no matter how unfair, old rules no longer apply. I can’t help but think that older, more experienced auto marketers would know better than to insult Motor City on any platform.

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