Does Your Online Branding Strategy Include Monetizing With Mobile Marketing?

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I’m a huge believer in brands building relevant mobile applications to build brand reach, awareness and engagement. The number of apps already created are staggering, just with the iphone and Android, alone according to CNET….

“The Android is maturing fast,” but the Apple App Store still has significantly more apps, Lookout Chief Technology Officer Kevin Mahaffey told CNET in a phone interview. There are 350,000, apps for the iPhone compared to Android’s 88,000, which more than doubled from 39,000 in August, he said.

Doing market research to find out what kind of information is important to your audience that is also relevant to your brand, is key.

For example. a company who sold travel insurance might have an application built to select or review the ultimate luxury cruise.  A health insurance company could create a wellness or fitness application.  Even a brand like Pampers could create the ultimate potty training application with step by step guide to solving problems as you go through the process.

Iphone apps can be made for $5,000.00 or less, considering a PPC campaign at minimum would cost you that, it seems the mobile app approach could kill 2 birds with one click, judging by the success metrics Pontiflex is having.

Could the phone be your brand’s new inbound marketing hook?

Pontiflex, a fast-growing online lead-generation firm, believes it has a solution for monetizing mobile apps. Based on the $100 CPMs the company has been getting, it appears it may be onto something.

About six months ago the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company rolled out Pontiflex AppLeads, a product designed to allow app developers large and small to implement advertising. Like Pontiflex’s Web-based ad products, AppLeads are designed to help advertisers entice users to opt-in—to receive offers, sign up for rewards and receive more information, among other things.

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