Does ‘Google+’ Entice You To Switch?

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With more than 750 million users Facebook is a prime target for attack by rivals looking to offer an alternative. This is no doubt the reason Google has rolled out their own social media network called Google+.

A Better Deal?
Google intends to offer similar services as Facebook, but with the added bonus of allowing users of other Google services to link their existing stuff with Google+. This will no doubt entice many people to at least try the new service. Whether or not they stick with the new service depends on a lot of things, the most important of which is how many of their friends are using it.

The Fact Is, We Like What We Like
Let’s face it, we all joined social media networks our friends or colleagues were already using. Or, we encouraged others to join the social media networks we were using. It’s a vicious circle. So, if Google proves wildly popular then, yes, it will likely become more popular as time goes by as more people flock to it because their friends are there. If, like Google Wave and Google Buzz, it turns out to be all flash and no substance, then it will whither and vanish as its predecessors did.

The long-awaited Google+ debuted to select users Tuesday. The service is Google’s latest introduction into the social media soirée as it tries to pull in some of Facebook’s 600 million users with new features, clearer privacy guidelines, and intuitive ways to search and share content.
Of course, many of those users are already using Google’s other services. When you create an account with Google+, you’re given the option of uploading your albums from Picasa and your contacts from Gmail.

Granted, many of the platform’s features are very similar to Facebook’s: There are profiles and “friends,” a “like” feature called Google +1, a news feed, and messaging. But Google is introducing a couple new features that might be enough to entice Facebook users to switch.
These include friend groupings, where a user can set who sees their posts, images, and other content. This is the most significant improvement that Google+ offers over its rivals. Users can also create video chat groups, and follow celebrities or other interesting people, à la Twitter. Finally, users can create pages of interests–similar to personalized Google News pages–that will stream relevant content directly into their social media platform.

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