Do You Use Social Media To Communicate With Your Customers?

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Show You Care: Talk To Them!

It never ceases to amaze just how disconnected some CEO’s are with the companies they run. A recent report shows that less than half of all CEO’s recognize the value that their customers put on social media. Despite the fact some KNOW their customers are using social media to communicate with their companies, very few take advantage of this fact and interact with their customers in this way.

Do they need a safe to fall on their heads before they get it?

What I don’t understand is why, with Facebook membership approaching the ONE BILLION number and Google+ racking up new users by the tens of millions, some companies are still not taking full advantage of it. I suppose this effort should come from the top down, and since the CEO’s don’t get it, their companies don’t get it either.

History is filled with stories of missed opportunities; people realizing too late which trends they should be following for business success and which they should avoid. Just recently Netflix proved it wasn’t as tech-savvy as some thought it was when it tried to spin-off its DVD rental system as a separate site, did little to ease its existing customers into the change, then failed to secure the Twitter name of their new company (the now defunct Qwikster.) They have lost more than 800,000 subscribers as a result and are predicting further losses going forward. This is despite the fact they remain the market leader in streaming video services with a price structure and catalog of available titles which is far greater than any of their competitors.

If you know what is good for you and your company you will not only recognize the importance of social media to your company and your customers, but make good use of it as well.


The study found 34 percent of the executives surveyed stated that they were aware of customers using social media to comment on or complain about their company and its products. Despite this, less than a quarter of these executives said that their companies “always” respond to these customers. Still, 33 percent of them said their companies have a greater focus on using social media to capture customer feedback when compared to the same time last year.

Of the 68 percent of companies that have an active presence in social media, Facebook tends to be the first choice. 48 percent have an active presence on Facebook, 24 percent have a Twitter account, and just 17 percent use their own company blog.

Interestingly, only about 22 percent of those surveyed stated that their company’s CEO regularly participates in social media on behalf of the company. Facebook is again the social media channel of choice: 68 percent of CEOs use Facebook, 44 percent participate on the company blog, and 35 percent participate on Twitter.

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