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Have you seen the latest numbers for Google+? It’s not the volume of people who are signing up for the new service, it’s who these early-adopters represent: suburban parents with disposable income.

This means the growth of Google+ is centered squarely on the most import group of individuals available for social media.

Suburban parents represent the group most likely to pass information around and they represent the core group behind the success of Facebook.

Does this mean Google+ is poised to replace Facebook? Not quite.

Facebook still maintains a decidedly overwhelming majority when it comes to social media users. But given who is turning to Google+ already the new social media service stands a much better chance of success.

A study by Experian Hitwise of early Google+ adopters shows one of the fastest growing demographics on the network are affluent people with children living in suburban communities.

The study calls these people “Kids and Cabernet,” or more accurately, “Prosperous, middle-aged married couples living child-focused lives in affluent suburbs.”

And they account for 2.9% of all visits to Google+. That may not sound like a lot, but the same group’s activity onFacebook only accounts for 0.7% of all visits.

Experian Hitwise also says one of the biggest group of early adopters — single professionals and college students — no longer visit the site as often as they used to.

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