Dear Google, Are You Trying To Spam Your Way Into Our Hearts?

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Google’s mission statement “Do No Evil”, without fail, reminds me of Hamlet’s famous quote…

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”
–From Hamlet (III, ii, 239)

I’m just wondering why they chose that?  Typically when someone focuses too much on what they are NOT going to do, it’s because…

a.  The know they can do it if they want to.

b. They’ve done it before.

Which is why I ask to join me as I give pause to “Do No Evil” as a mission statement, remembering all the legitimate business who lost a ranking over night, and therefore their business because Google didn’t like the way they did something.  This doesn’t even include the net kill (as opposed to road kill) created by the new instant search Google caffeine…

Look, I’ve never been Google slapped, so I’m not bitter about anything, I’m just concerned.  I’ve never even gotten a warning for anything from them, so I’m not in the internet marketing crowd of 50,000+ marketers who were banned for life from Google to pretty up the net or to maybe free up some spam space.

If you are still on the fence about Google’s being seemingly altruistic or not, you might want to ask yourself one question – why do almost none of the top bloggers like Copyblogger or Leo from ZenHabits want Adsense or any ads on their site ?

Because it looks SPAMMY, right? Pretty ironic…

You can differentiate by having product information. But Google scrapes it. You can differentiate through consumer & editorial reviews. But Google scrapes it. You can differentiate by brand, but Google sells branded keywords to competitors. No matter what you do, Google competes against you. You can opt out of being scraped, but then you get no search traffic (& the ecosystem is set up to pay someone else to scrape your content + wrap it in ads).

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