What Is Corporate Marketing?

Whether you are a sole proprietor of a very small company or you are in charge of the marketing department of a large organization, corporate marketing is the one thing that will have both in common. It is a very important part of ensuring the success of your company both now and in the future, and by paying constant attention to all aspects of marketing, you will be building a stronger brand for the future.

When we think of companies, we usually assign a particular feeling or personal attribute to them. Coca-Cola as a corporate entity might be considered to be youthful, while IBM might be considered old fashioned or staid. You might think of McDonald’s as unhealthy and Subway as healthy, though that is almost entirely due to the marketing of their brands.

Corporate marketing as it relates to your particular company is extremely important and something that your customers will pay close attention to. If you are working with government officials or large corporations, they may not appreciate you branding yourself in a youthful and fun way. Alternatively, no kid will want to buy a toy or a clothing item from you if you are considered to be out of fashion.

In many ways, corporate marketing is even more important than the brand marketing that falls beneath it. A company like Coca-Cola has a variety of brands – Minute Maid Orange Juice, Sprite, Bacardi Mixers, Nestea, not to mention all of the “Coca-Cola” labeled brands – all of which have their own brand identity and appeal to a completely different market.

Just like Coke, you need to ensure that your overall corporate image is correctly positioned and targeted to your market, and that each of your brands or products beneath it is also aimed correctly at just the right people.