Copyblogger Has Ways Of Making Compelling Content

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social media marketingWhen it comes to social media marketing, anyone can generate content. Just throw some words together, string some sentences along and generate a page of content. Bam! You’re finished.

(In more ways than one.)

Content is one thing, compelling content that brings visitors back for more and convinces them to suggest your blog to other readers, that is something else altogether. In fact, it is the Holy Grail of blog content. How you generate compelling content is the subject of this great post at Copyblogger. Copyblogger is full of great ideas but this one is a must-have for anyone who is looking to create content that not only fills a page, but fills the mind of their readers so well they keep coming back for more.


Steal content and ideas

If you’re flat-out exhausted and out of ideas, then get them from somebody else — either content, or ideas, or both.

I’m not talking about real stealing, of course — it’s more like “borrowing with the author’s blessing”.

Done right, this can produce some valuable content that the authors you “stole” from will thank you for using!

  1. Curate content. Find your ten favorite websites, and then find your favorite post on each of them. Publish a post listing these top ten posts, and explain why you like them. You don’t even have to think about being creative, and everyone you feature there will appreciate it. This is what we do with our Best of the Web feature, and there are lots of other examples.
  2. Ask friends for ideas. If you’re tapped for ideas, then reach out to your friends and colleagues, and ask them what they’d like you to write about. You can do this with offline friends, or with like-minded online entrepreneurs. If you’re not already part of a mastermind group, then reach out to a few bloggers that are about as big as you are, and suggest starting one. I’m in a mastermind group with Jon Alford, Paul Wolfe and Caleb Wojcik, and they’ve all been a great help to me.
  3. Ask your audience. You can kick the last strategy up a notch by reaching out to your audience. This can be done in several ways — it can be as simple as running a “what would you like me to write about” post (which is a bit lame), or it can get more interesting by asking for their input on a problem, as Marcus Sheridan did to create his tag-line, or by asking a question so that you can compile their answers into another piece of content, like nittyGriddy’s free blog posting schedules e-book.

Click here to read the rest of the article and get all 21 ideas

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