Social Caffeine Guest Post Guidelines

Want the energy and sparkle of Social Caffeine rub off on your blog?

Well, good news for you, we’re into sharing.

Share a guest post with us, and we’ll include a short biography and links to your blog or website.

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Guest Post Guidelines

In your email pitch, please include:

  • A headline that entices us to read on.
  • A bullet point outline of your post (the content must deliver on the headline).
  • A short biography – we want to know who you are.
  • Links to your blog or website and your best writing.

A few tips:

  • Before you pitch, take the time to read Social Caffeine. Get to know us and our writing style.
  • We’ll only publish A-List quality writing, so make sure you’ve learned to write like a superstar before sending us your final post.
  • Funny is money. We love posts with a sense of humor (but nothing crude, please).
  • Be insanely useful. We want to inspire our readers to reach for the social media heavens AND show them how to build the rocket that gets them there.
  • Your post must be original. We’re only interested in shiny new content, not published elsewhere.

Right now we’re especially interested in posts that tell our readers how they can use social media (and social media apps) to

  • Go viral (or, even better, create an epidemic)
  • Drive stampedes of traffic to their blog or website
  • Network with high flyers
  • Pour a torrent of prospects through their sales funnel

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