Content Is King But Crowning It Is A Challenge

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social media marketingSocial media marketing is a big part of any effective advertising campaign, and the most difficult part of any social media marketing plan is likely coming up with content for the blog. Who will write it? Where will they get their ideas? How do we sustain it forever?
This are questions CopyBlogger tries to answer in this post on 21 ways of finding compelling content.
I won’t try to list them here, I will let CopyBlogger break it down for you. What I will do is try to impress upon you both the importance of providing compeleling content and the ease with which it can be done.
Nothing is impossible including providing daily content for your blog. You need a plan and you need some ideas. AsCopyBlogger points out, repurposing content is probably the most effective way. Another good way is building off the content provided by someone else.
DON’T STEAL CONTENT! But you certainly can reference it (just as I do every day with this news curation feature.)
Check out the list from CopyBlogger and see what other good ideas they have. you will be glad you did.

Sometimes you’re just flat out of ideas.

It’s not a matter of talent — you’ve written great stuff in the past. But lately, when you go back to the well for a fresh idea, it’s coming up dry.

This happens to the best of us — even veterans who consistently produce quality content have their off days.

Yet they continue to write.

They may grumble about how hard it is to get going and create something solid, but they still do. Again, and again, and again.

They aren’t super-human, and they don’t have magical content-producing powers. So what is the secret?

They do it by pulling out the well-worn toolbox of strategies for creating awesome content.
Steal content and ideas

If you’re flat-out exhausted and out of ideas, then get them from somebody else — either content, or ideas, or both.

I’m not talking about real stealing, of course — it’s more like “borrowing with the author’s blessing”.

Done right, this can produce some valuable content that the authors you “stole” from will thank you for using!

1. Curate content. Find your ten favorite websites, and then find your favorite post on each of them. Publish a post listing these top ten posts, and explain why you like them. You don’t even have to think about being creative, and everyone you feature there will appreciate it. This is what we do with our Best of the Web feature, and there are lots of other examples.

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