Google Plus Influencers

Have you ever thought: “Wouldn’t it be great to get to know [insert name of person you admire here]?”

You’ve thought about sending them a message, but you’re not sure what you would say. Is there anything you could do instead?

Remember Facebook’s “poke” feature. If you wanted a friend’s attention but didn’t want to go through the trouble of writing a message (or didn’t have anything to say), you could poke them.

It’s a feature that still exists on Facebook, but few of my friends use it these days.

Well, what if you could poke the people you admire? You could attract the attention of influencers and leaders in your niche without needing any commitment in return from them.

You’re making them familiar with your name. Then, when you need their help in the future, they will already know who you are.

Sneaky, huh?

I don’t actually recommend poking people on Google Plus. But you can get attention in subtle ways.

Here’s are our top five:

  1. Tag them in a post. Anytime you share something from their blog or even something you think might interest them, tag them. It takes a couple of seconds, and if you do it repeatedly, it can reap huge dividends.
  2. Comment on their posts. This takes a little more effort than tagging. It’s an excellent way to show that you can add value. Another (sneaky) trick is to comment on posts they’ve left comments on.
  3. Add them to one of your circles. When you do, Google will drop them an email, and they’ll be given the chance to add you back. If they do, bingo!
  4. Tag them in a photo. Only do this if the photo is relevant to them. Alternatively, you can comment on one of their photos.
  5. Invite them to an event. Again, this tactic works best if the event is relevant to them. You never know, they might just turn up!

Now don’t just sit there – go do one of these things right away!

Or you can leave us a comment. Let us know what you do to stand out from the crowd on Google Plus.

This is a guest post by Anna Crowe of iiWorks.

Hey Girl“Hey girl, you check-in here often?”

“Do you use LinkedIn? Because I think we just connected.”

Not gonna lie: these sort of pick up lines aren’t effective – or even acceptable – to say without an awkward moment of humiliation in the real world. So why do brands think they can jump from the attraction stage to the engagement stage?

Let’s cut the small talk. In a competitive marketplace, brands are in an ongoing search for the perfect mate and are looking to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships. We all know that we need to be on Google+ to feed the beast of SEO, but how do we develop a relationship in this rapid-fire, overwhelming space of Google+?

Here are 7 ways to slow your roll and show some good, sweet lovin’ to your Google+ community that just may be the game changer.

1. The First Date

Part of being in a relationship is having that anything-is-possible-when-I’m-with-you feeling. Meet your new BFF: Google+ Chrome Extension. When this buddy system is installed, this extension allows you to share Google+ content on Twitter and Facebook (which we all know the Google+ algorithm loves!), bookmark Google+ posts to read later, and receive desktop notifications.

CircleCount is like online dating, it allows you to view Google+ data behind the scenes of any article that you’ve read without being creepy. With CircleCount, you can see a list of all the influencers who have shown your article some love on Google+. So how do you make this work for your brand?

There’s nothing wrong with responding with a +1, but would you take your first date to the mall to shop at Hot Topic? No, we’re not fourteen. Do something that will make the experience memorable and unexpected, go beyond the +1. Try thanking each of those users for sharing your content or strike up a casual conversation. Better yet? Share a piece of their content. All you need is a little human interaction, and you’ll have your audience (and Google) falling in love with you all over again.

2. The Butterflies

Writing a Google+ post is like writing a love letter. We aim for the “awww” or LOL moments, but when there is a lot more competition in the feed it can be difficult to be extraordinary. Your brand message isn’t being heard. So here are our favorite tricks to tailor your copy:

  1. Treat the first line of your post like the meta title tag and pop in a keyword (ONLY if it’s relevant).
  2. Take advantage of Google+ short codes to change your font size.
  3. To bold, try using asterisks “*insert word*”
  4. To italicize, add an underscore with a plus sign “_insert word+”
  5. To underline, add a dash before and after the word “-insert word-“

3. The Ripple Effect

You’re attracted to each other and went for it – and you actually ending up caring about each other. Your original relationship with an influencer is what can cause one action to lead to many actions. This is the ripple effect.
With Google Ripples, size does matter. The visually dynamic, interactive map displays how a Google+ post is shared, and how followers spread that content.

Once you’ve established who your top influencers are, you can now find out who their influencers are and start building long-term relationships. No more walks of shame, no more friend-zone, you’ve finally met your match.

4. Meet In Person

A great +1’er doesn’t necessarily equal a Circle follower till death do us part. Commenting, sharing, and +1s require less effort, which means the stakes are lower. Hosting a Hangout allows for a more intimate face-to-face setting for up to 10 people. By showing your facial expressions, you can communicate so much deeper than what words can convey. With your eyes, your body language, you can inspire trust, positive emotions, and build relationships that give you that competitive edge.

If you want to go public with your relationship, you can broadcast with Hangouts On Air to a larger audience.

5. Let’s Go Back To My Place

Yup, we’ve all heard this same excuse “I like you but not in a “let’s hang out offline” kind of way.” For local businesses, you’ve got to literally put yourself on the map. With Google Maps, you can target your audience where they already exist, increase your reach to potential consumers, and boost your rankings. It’s like picking of a woman at a painting class, you have to understand where they are and how to connect with them.

6. Meeting Her Friends For The First Time

Searching for the perfect brand advocate? Start looking in the Google+ Communities.

When you join a Google+ Community, it’s like meeting your girlfriend’s friends for the first time…awkward and desperate to be cool. With your first post in the Community, you’re starting a conversation. Make it matter. Use an image, comment back, and don’t get in the habit of link dropping. Showing gratitude and paying attention will only make your relationship stronger.

7. Judgment Day

It’s not you. It’s your profile. No relationship is perfect. With a few tweaks to the “About” section and maybe even a new content strategy, your Google+ page can begin to see improvements in its relationship with Google search. Using a free tool such as Steady Demand to conduct a brand page audit, you can enter your Google Plus page’s URL and receive an overview of your page’s strengths and weaknesses.

We use human behavior (e.g. conversations, +1s) to determine how to make brands more relatable and closer to consumers. Browsing an average of three minutes more than Facebook users, Google+ fans can, and will, be wooed by high quality, relevant content and engaging experiences. By nurturing your relationships on Google+, you can cultivate a community of followers to influencers.

With over 4 years of social media experience, Anna Crowe has honed her digital marketing expertise to help develop stellar campaigns at iiWorks in Sydney, Australia. With a wealth of client experience, working on big brands like McDonalds, staySky Hotels & Resorts, ibis World Square Sydney, and Hearst Magazine, Anna’s passion for social continues to grow with every new grumpy cat picture. When we’re not talking social, Anna is a mom to Norman, the Basset Hound, and enjoys dancing to 80’s music (yes, she wants to dance with somebody!). Chat with her on Google+.

This is a guest post by Matt Schexnayder of SpareFoot.

2013 was a big year for social media, although what year hasn’t been since Facebook and Twitter burst on the scene? Despite the constant growth, 2013 was certainly the most active in terms of what changed and the amount of use each network received.

To take a closer look at all the data, SpareFoot gathered information from numerous different sources to find the most interesting stats from each of the most widely used social platforms.

The biggest headline came from the picture-sharing app Snapchat, who declined offers of up to $4 billion (yes, billion with a “b”) from both Google and Facebook, which is especially interesting because by the end of last year 15% of all minutes spent online are spent on Facebook. We don’t have the numbers on how many minutes total were spent online, but we can assume it was in the billions, if not trillions, so 15% of that is a lot of time on one site.

Some other mind-blowing facts we came across were:

  • Last year there were 35 million #selfies posted on Instagram
  • Google+ is now averaging 25,000 new users everyday
  • Vine videos are 4x more likely to be seen than regular branded videos (sorry YouTube)

These, among other interesting stats can be found in the following infographic. If your company has not started using these outlets in your marketing efforts, it may be time to start changing your strategy.

Social Media Statistics 2013

Matt Schexnayder is SEO specialist for SpareFoot.