Cars And Social Media Do Not Mix

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lori r taylor, revmedimarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietySo, the federal government thinks social media devices do not belong in cars. Well, I couldn’t agree more. Unless your car drives itself there is no reason for you to be surfing the Internet and posting status updates. However, as we move into a more automated future I can envision a day where we are constantly plugged into our social media networks. (If we choose to be.) This is not so much because I think we need to constantly plugged into our network, that just seems to be the direction we are all going.
There are nearly one billion people using Facebook. That’s more than the population of most countries. It is also a sign that people have found something in social media they simply cannot get enough of.
So, if you own a business and you are still hesitating about getting on social media, all I have to say is, “goodbye.”

As more automakers move towards adding social media in cars, Transportation secretary Ray LaHood, has a word of advice: Stop.
Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, LaHood said he is lobbying automakers not to add features that could distract drivers. “There’s absolutely no reason for any person to download their Facebook into the car,” LaHood said in the interview, showing a shaky command of social media terminology. “It’s not necessary.”
LaHood’s opinion on the matter is significant: He and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which reports to him, can force automakers to stop adding social media feeds to new cars. He is also pushing for them to create public service campaigns against texting and driving. So far, two automakers — Subaru and BMW — have done so. BMW’s campaign, showing an overprotective mom who nevertheless endangers her kids by texting and driving, went live on June 3.
Despite LaHood’s opposition, many carmakers are busy integrating social media hooks into their new models. Toyota, for instance, inked a deal with last month to create “Toyota Friend,” a social network for Toyota drivers. Toyota is also working with Microsoft on a software system called Entune that will let drivers access a version of Bing and Pandora. General Motors has also recently added a feature to some models that lets drivers access real-time Facebook status updates. GM touted that feature in a Super Bowl ad for its Chevy Cruze.

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