Can The Nestle Brand Become Healthy For You?

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When I think of Nestle, the healthiest snack or food that comes to mind is chocolate milk.  Top of mind is candy.  So will their new push into “medical” foods designed to make you feel fuller faster be something their raving fans will go for?

More importantly are the consumers who love Nestle now, a good target for healthier snacks?  I’m not sure.

When a brand like Nestle who has build its foundation on candy bars, syrup and cereal tries to become the next health food giant, you have to wonder how they will be able to position their brand in the hearts of the health conscious consumer while maintaining their current market share in the hearts and minds of those who simply love to eat sweet food and snack on chocolate.

While I love the push or all brands to become more responsible for incorporating healthier choices in our kids (and us), from a brand positioning perspective, I do wonder how much they rob Peter to pay Paul and how they get Mary interested.

In some countries, like the United States, being overweight is such a major concern that noted celebrities, including Michelle Obama (who today marked the first anniversary of her Let’s Move program with a new advertising campaign) and Sesame Street’s Elmo, are publicly campaigning against childhood obesity.

Part of the problem is, simply, overeating. In the U.S., for example, the propensity to consume too much is fueled by gargantuan portions at restaurants and a diet that, for many people, features a high percentage of fats, carbs, and sugars. Interestingly, Americans and others who overeat are about to get help from the same food manufacturers who make the stuff that may be bad for them.

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