Brokers Finding Success With Social Media

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It’s All About Being Proactive

If you are using social media and happen to have a problem with, well, just about anything, try Tweeting your complaint to your Followers and posting it on Facebook. Chances are you’ll get a response sooner rather than later.

So it was for marketing consultant Tom LaScola. He had a problem setting up his TDAmeritrade account, Tweeted about it, and presto-change-o, he got a response from TDAmeritrade, although they were not among his Followers. They had his problem resolved shortly.

How did they know? Because they are proactive social media users and they monitor all the networks for problems, queries, complaints, comments–anything which pertains to their business. In this way financial services companies can find success with social media without stepping outside the boundaries of safety and security which they and their clients value so much.

Social media is a tricky tool to use. On the one hand it is the world’s most powerful communication tool. On the other hand, careless use of social media has been shown to be detrimental to businesses which wield it unknowingly. There is always a middle ground between absolute safety and deadly danger, however. The smart companies, and smart social media users, understand this and take full advantage of it. They leverage the full impact of social media, or at least as much as they can safely wield, and avoid uses which might cross the line or result in a debacle.

Now ask yourself, how do you use social media? Could you be doing more or should you be doing less?

“They’re being proactive,” LaScola said. “They have a lot of customers, and a lot of people are using social media, so it’s nice to know that they are trying to keep up.”

Other financial service companies with a large online presence, such as Charles Schwab Corp and Fidelity Investments, are also tapping social media to reach out to clients and to compete for new assets.

One Twitter user recently posted that she was evaluating trading platforms and wanted to know how TD Ameritrade, E*Trade, and Schwab fees compare. Both TD Ameritrade and Schwab responded quickly with messages directing her to information on their respective websites.

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