Brewers Try Social Media Scavenger Hunt, But Fail

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social media marketingYou can’t blame the Milwaukee Brewers for trying. They just didn’t execute well. See, they had an idea that the would hide these little statues around the city and then Tweet out clues to fans who could then go and find them. Unfortunately, they did not plan for greedy fans who followed their trucks around the city and stole dozens and dozens of the little statues before the treasure hunt even began.
Great idea–bad execution.
Don’t blame social media. Social media is just a tool. If you hit yourself in the head with it, blame yourself.
What they should have done is kept the whole thing a secret, first. Then had employees watch the statues to make certain fans didn’t take more than one, or that someone didn’t just stumble upon them and take them all, not knowing what they had found.
As I said, the best plans in the world won’t make a hill of beans if you don’t execute them well.

An ESPN story on the mess quoted a Brewers spokesman saying: “It’s disappointing. The intent of the promotion and the rules of the promotion were eminently clear — it was one per household.” The spokesman called response to the promotion “staggering”.

Disappointed fans of the 2nd-place Brewers tweeted comments such as: “FAIL with the promo. Of course people were gonna cheat and go early. Should’ve had 1 rep at each location to prevent that :/” and “Oh. Someone did cheat and take all of the @bernie_brewer lawn ornaments from what looks like more than 1 place…You call yourself a fan?”

PR/social media/marketing blogger Jeff Cole wrote Wednesday: “Clearly no one at the Brewers thought this thing through. This is a clear case I feel of ‘you know what would be cool?’ No one in the meeting asked the ‘what if fans get greedy and take more than one’ question. It’s a cliché, but it’s true: ‘hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”

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