Brands Who Went Big In 2010: Spam or Slam?

by Lori Taylor · 1 comment

It’s been a wild ride for many brands in 2010.

Social media has flabbergasted many of them and put the consumer too close for comfort for some brands.  (Let’s just say transparency is only a good thing when you control what is revealed, right?)

And while many brands got it right, many got it wrong.

The brands who won the most kept their eye on the ball, remembered their purpose, what they stood for and found a way to participate with the right audience.  The ones who lost the most, confused the consumer, were not clear in their call to action and left everyone scratching their heads.


Tiger Woods – Late last year everyone seemed to be predicting the demise of this legendary golfer. I didn’t. Not because I have psychic powers but because looking through the marketing lens it was obvious that two things will probably keep Tiger Woods from oblivion. One, as an athlete he is a performance brand. This means that as long as he continues to perform on the golf course, he will receive media attention.

Two, his Target Market (i.e., golfing fans), admire him as a golfer first and foremost not as a role model. It is these people who will support his brand over the long haul. Tiger may not have blitzed the links in 2010 but he held the line in an incredibly difficult game.

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