Brands Take Advantage Of Facebook Tagging

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lori r taylor, revmediamarketing, social media, social media marketing, branding, product branding, networking, oneclicksocietyWhen it comes to Facebook, business have been struggling to find ways to reach its 750 million member audience without spending a fortune.

The answer may lie in the Facebook tool known as “tagging.”

With tagging, users upload a photo to their Facebook profile, then add a name tag to the photo describing who is in it. If that person has a Facebook account they are notified they have been tagged. If the thing “tagged” is a brand, now the brand gets a message and the person’s photo gets displayed on their page.

This makes the prospect of tagging a brand in your photo even more popular for users who like to see their name in lights. (So to speak.)

Last month, Facebook announced that users would now be able to tag brand pages in their photos unlocking a unique opportunity for brand advocates to show their love. Even if the user is not a fan of the brand’s Facebook page, they would be able to tag their coffee as ‘Starbucks’ or their outfit as ‘Banana Republic’ and have the picture appear on the brand’s page under Photos. While the new feature makes the page more vulnerable to spam, the benefit of users promoting products and services on behalf of the brand seems to outweigh the risks. Administrative users of brand pages can also remove tags if necessary.

As an example I tagged John Deere, who I am not a fan of on Facebook and my photo shows up in the ‘Photos and Videos of John Deere’ section automatically. and Eddie Bauer were early adopters of the new tagging feature, making announcements on their wall directly asking fans to tag their photos containing the brand’s apparel. Even better, both brands took the call to action a step further, actively commenting on user photos complimenting their look which encourages other fans to share as well. An example below shows’s original wall post and their engagement on a fan photo.

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