Brands: How To Optimize Coupon Offers For Mobile Marketing

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Is Your Brand Optimizing Mobile Marketing?

If you aren’t paying attention to mobile marketing, then you aren’t paying attention.

The mobile advertising opportunities for your branding strategy are massive, consider this…

According to the guys at DigitalBuzzBlog over there are over 5 billion mobile subscribers which is 70% of the worlds population.  In the US 9 out of 10 people have mobile phones.

In fact kids are more likely to have a cell phone than to have a book (85% kids have phones and only 73% having books).  This is important to you because kids turn into buyers and creating brand affinity at a young age can build your long term marketing strategy.

Do you know what that means for your brand?

It means, get there as fast as you can.  Be quick, but don’t hurry.

Which simply means, do your homework to set up the right offer and make sure you have the infrastructure in place to support it.  Like everything else, if done right, getting there first can give you a head start straight to profits.

If you are a statistical junkie, please check out this great overview of stats from MobiThinking, which gives you a very detailed picture of the mobile marketing landscape.

However, if you are like me, you’re desperate for someone to tell you why, then quickly in a step by step fashion, then this article from giving you three simple steps to create a compelling coupon offer to support your branding strategy.

Bargain hunters may be savvy with scissors or an online coupon code, but consumers are just getting used to the idea of redeeming coupons through their mobile devices. This means the people and the technology behind your point-of-sale need to be equipped to troubleshoot issues with new paperless price reductions.

As a small-business owner, one advantage is that you don’t need to invest in pricey technology to make your coupons easy to use. Building an effective mobile coupon strategy is as simple as following these three steps.

Read more here…

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yasemin March 12, 2011 at 2:16 am

mobile marketing is the wave of the future! bring on the qr codes too, people!


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