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Social Media Is Your Conversion Secret

When it comes to increasing your conversion rate look no further than your social media network. That’s right, studies are showing that members of your existing social media network are more likely to buy your product than those who are not. There is a cause and effect point here that is worth mentioning. Does this mean they are buying because they are part of your social media network, or are they part of your social media network because they are buyers?

Good question.

According to a new survey by IBM close to 10 percent of Internet users who saw a social media campaign made purchases. IBM says the overall conversion rate for most Web users is half this amount, about 5 percent. No matter how you slice it that’s a very dramatic increase pegged to a system which you likely are using right now any way.

You are using social media marketing, right?

The fact is, social media tools are abundant, and used the correct way they can drive customers to your web site, newsletter or shopping cart. You need to have a very specific goal in mind and a very clear call-to-action for them to follow, but if you make good use of your social media network the odds are in your favor when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. It’s as simple as that.


Beyond social, mobile access to retail websites is expected to increase during the holidays and maintain the the growth moving forward. In the earliest stages of holiday shopping, 11 percent of consumers accessed a website on their smartphone or tablet to research or make a purchase. According to IBM, the figure represents growth of 4.2 percent from the same month last year. In terms of mobile operating systems, both Android and iOS users accessed mobile websites with great frequency.

“This November holiday season will mark the true advent of the post-PC era with consumers demonstrating a heightened interest in adding mobile devices to their holiday shopping arsenal,” John Squire, director of product management for IBM’s enterprise marketing management group, said. “In response, savvy retailers must invest in delivering hyper-personalized, smarter commerce shopping experiences that are capable of building loyalty through multiple channels with exceptionally relevant promotions, free shipping and more.”

Click here to read more about the IBM survey.

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