Avoid Social Media Overload

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It seems every day brings us a new social media application for us to use. We create accounts, design profiles, post photos and updates; link to videos and graphics and spend hours upon hours toiling over our carefully cultivated social media networks.
Some days it seems too much, but each morning we come back to it again.

How much is too much. How much social media can you take before you suffer social media overload?

The question you should be asking yourself is: how much bandwidth do I have? By bandwidth I mean how much time do you have available to devote to managing your social media network? At what point does it begin to cut into your life in ways which are unpleasant?

Before you get to that point, before you “jump the shark”, consider retaining the services of a social media management professional. These individuals can help you keep track of your many and varied social media networks; post updates and keep your network current. They can alert you when there is interaction from Fans or Followers and let you know if something comes up which you should handle personally.

By using the services of a social media manager you stand a much better of avoiding social media overload and benefiting from social media marketing rather than suffering from it. There is no point in overloading yourself trying to keep up. If your social media marketing efforts are worth your time then they are likely worth your investment in a social media management professional to help you keep up with it all.

By all accounts Google+ is doing well. The new social network has built a quick following, especially among the tech hardened. In fact, it’s reached 50 million users in only 88 days. There’s no shortage of epiphanies, stories, opinions on everything from Steve Jobs and Apple to the latest video technology and trends and metrics galore. Funny enough, the most popular topic: G+ itself. Why it’s better than Facebook (circles seems to be the popular vote). Ways it can grow. Tips on how to use it (Mashable was 7/24 on this for a while).

Now many are juggling their presence on Facebook, Twitter, and, now, G+. The truly committed are likely also on Tumblr, Instagram, HootSuite, etc… it goes on and on. It’s a full-time job.

There’s a lot of great tech out there. And there’s more ways than ever before to connect “socially” online, but, are facing social media burn-out. Or, more importantly, has social media jumped the shark?

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