Audit Your Twitter With These 8 Surefire Tests

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One of the biggest questions people ask about using Twitter is how do I know I’m doing it right?

Actually, there are hundreds of right ways to tweet. The right way for you depends on your brand image, your tweeting voice, your budget, and your aims in your social media strategy.

Nonetheless, there are checks you can make to see how your tweets and your twitter account are performing.

As you conduct these tests, take note of the data you compile, and use it to tweak your Twitter account and your future tweets. There’s no point investing time and energy in tests if you ignore the results.

Tests to Boost the Performance of Your Twitter Account

These simple tests take just a few seconds – and only a few minutes to put right if you discover things aren’t as they should be.

Test #1: Do you have a biography?

A whopping two thirds of Twitter users still don’t have a biography. Yet those who take five minutes to write a biography (come on, it’s only 160 characters) have, on average, 8 times more followers than those without a biography.

There are two simple reasons for this. First, people choose to follow you if they find your bio interesting. Without a bio, you make their decision more difficult. Secondly, if you’re lacking a bio, Twitter excludes your account from search results, so it’s difficult for people to find you.

Test #2: Do you have a picture?

Twitter accounts with a profile picture have an average of 10 times more followers compared to those without. A headshot, rather than a company logo, is best. That’s because on social media, people want to see your face, as they like to interact with real people. And smile for the camera! Smile research shows people are more likely to remember you if they meet you when you’re smiling. Better still, they’re more likely to like you and trust you.

As with biography-less profiles, Twitter filters out picture-less profiles from search results. Without a picture, very few people will discover your tweets.

Test #3: Do you engage in conversation?

Social media is all about being social; conversation is the lynch-pin of social media. By talking to your followers, and replying to their tweets, you’re showing that you take an interest in them. As a result, they’ll take more interest in you, too.

Being conversational shows you’re engaged, open and vulnerable rather than stiff, corporate and defensive.

Test #4: Do you schedule Tweets?

Business who schedule Tweets generate up to three times as many leads from Twitter compared to those who only Tweet when they’re online.

Want an easy way to schedule your Tweets? Use Buffer App to post updates – it does all the hard work of scheduling for you.

Tests to Turbo Boost Individual Tweets

These tests are also simple, and you only need a couple of minutes a week to monitor the results. You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to monitoring the results of these tests. Buffer App does it all, but you might also like to try out Hootsuite for in depth analysis, or Crowdbooster for easy to read charts.

Test 5: How many followers click your links?

In my experience, a strong tweet will receive clicks from 5-10% of my followers. Average is 1-2%, and poor is 0%.

Notice which tweets get the most clicks. What time of day did you post them? What was the subject of the Tweet? How carefully did you write the tweet to provoke curiosity and create intrigue?

Don’t assume you already know which of your tweets are the most popular. Check the stats, you’ll probably be surprised.

Test 6: Do people retweet you?

When someone retweets your links, it shows they believe what you’re tweeting matters enough to share with their followers. The more retweets you’re getting, the better you’re hitting the spot for your target audience.

You can take action to boost your retweet rate.

First, ask for retweets. Tweets containing a simple “please retweet” are four times more likely to be retweeted.

Second, try making your followers laugh. Funny and witty tweets get more retweets.

Third, share lots of content. The more often your followers see you in their Twitter feed, the more opportunities they get to retweet you.

Test 7: Do people add your tweets as favorites?

Favorites are less of an endorsement than retweets, but they’re still a sign you’re on the right track. When you’re followers favorite your tweets, they’re saying “more like this, please”.

Test 8: Do you use a variety of hashtags?

First: Do you use hashtags, period? If not, you should. Hashtags are a simple way for people interested in your niche to find you.

Second, once you start using hashtags, use a range of different hashtags in your niche. That means you’re more likely to be found by lots of different people.

Over to You

What tests do you use to make sure your Tweets are a success?

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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Ryan Biddulph November 16, 2012 at 5:06 am

Hi David,

Excellent breakdown here!

By engaging frequently you become more tweetable. You can also generate more leads by automating quite a bit.

Thanks for sharing!



Lokesh November 17, 2012 at 10:32 am

Hi David, I got answers to many of my questions & very useful tips to get more followers. Thank you.


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