Attention Local Businesses – Punk Your Customers To Go Viral

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social media marketing | funny is moneyI stumbled upon a very funny “Good Night Mattress Prank” video from a mattress store on JustForLaugh’s you tube channel…

At first you aren’t sure what’s going on – is everyone in on it?

But watch to the end for the reaction from the customer – it all comes together brilliantly!

Shows like Candid Camera, America’s Funny Home Videos and Ashton Kutcher’s hip show called “Punkd” prove the model – funny is money.

So how can YOU use this for your business?

Is it that hard to grab a flip camera, get your hostess and a bus boy in on a harmless prank for a customer – perhaps comping their meal or a dessert for “playing” along?

I think of the scene from When Harry Met Sally as Sally demonstrates an orgasm to make a point and the other patron calmly says, “I’ll have what she’s having.” (yeah, me too!)

Perhaps putting your customer on the spot isn’t what you want to do. How about making them part of the joke. Have one of them order something crazy just to see what your waiter does. Or plant the customer to play a joke on your own wait staff and show your customers just how great your team is!

Would it really be that hard to pull off? Probably not.

It’s a matter of you wanting to and understanding that good fun videos shows YOUR personality to your customers and reminds them you are more than just a meal.

Building affinity and a sense of community offline is even more important than online. How can you stay top of mind to your customers without spending a gazillion on radio and TV? This would be one great way to start.

Do you own a spa or are you a hairdresser?

What about a small women’s clothing shop?

Even online businesses can get in on the fun by creatively focusing in on a problem solved by you.

Obviously trying to go to the top comedians at YouTube is a crap shoot – but finding local comedians who have a small audience in your market is a great place to start. Offer them trade of service and ask them to help you have a little bit of fun. You’d be surprised at how flexible some of these guys are and how much they enjoy spontaneity of a project, no matter how small.

Remember, “If Content is King, Context is Queen. Be relevant and extraordinary if you want to go viral.” Lori R Taylor.

Sometimes just having a little fun in a boring niche can be a great way to splash a bit of extraordinary into what is usually a rather boring approach. Even when material is supposed to be serious, it doesn’t mean you have to bore them to tears with mindless facts and statistics. Stand out by adding your voice and giving your opinion.

How could you be more interesting and engaging?

Watch this “Good Night Mattress Prank” video and let the ideas flow…how could you

Lori Taylor


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