Asia: The New Frontier In Social Media

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social media marketingA new survey out this week shows businesses in Asia are still mostly unconvinced of the power of social media marketing to bring in customers and boost sales.
Oh, there are plenty of social media outlets in Asia and they are just busy as the ones here in the West. It’s not the lack of use, its this idea from business owners that social media is anything but a frivolous waste of time.
What i find interesting about this stance is how similar it is to the stance taken by the American newspaper industry. They too saw the migration of millions of people to social media, all the time reporting on it, yet never once believing it held any value for their industry. Today they are struggling to catch up, to correct the years they spent off course, ignoring the power of social media and veering away from it at all costs.
In Asia, their day of reckoning for failing to recognize the power of social media will come. The question is, who won’t be able to stay in buisness long enough to make a course correction?

Businesses across Asia are reported to be ‘in denial’ over the powers and effectiveness of social media marketing according to the results of a recent survey.

The white paper, produced by an Asian digital marketing agency, found that many companies in Asia only have a fraction of social media presence compared to the rest of the world and are still relying on more traditional advertising routes, such as print.

The paper suggests that they are not conforming to other countries, where most marketing agencies and businesses are moving towards the idea that business can be boosted from friends recommendations on social networking sites such as Facebook.

“Rather than pushing out periodic campaigns across different channels, engagement in a post digital world requires a more sophisticated tactic,” said the paper.

“There has never been a better opportunity to invest in growing earned media as social media and the mobile devices that have cemented their ubiquity come of age,” the company added.

Asian marketers are now being urged to follow suit and grasp the opportunity to invest marketing budgets into social campaigns.

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