Amazon Pumps-Up Its Kindle Tablet

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In the wake of news that Amazon is getting into the social media game comes news that the company is prepping its Kindle Tablet to be more capable for using social media.
Specifically, Amazon has invested money in hiring social media games designers. this, plus news that they are making their Kindle Tablet more capable mean it is fairly likely users be able to play Amazon games on their Tablet.

Makes sense, right?

The entire thing makes sense from a marketing perspective. When you include their review system Amazon already has a huge interactive social network. In fact, in hindsight, it seems illogical they are only now doing this.

What took Amazon so long to get into the social media game? Who cares. All that matters from a marketing perspective is that Amazon is throwing its weight behind expanding its existing social media network. (We might as well look at it that way.)
For you, the business owner, what you need to ask yourself is, how can I leverage social media marketing to the full advantage of my company? How can I sell products, extend the reach of my brand using social media?

Amazon asked itself these same questions and came to the conclusion they needed to be in the game if they wanted to reap the rewards of social media marketing.

Amazon hopes to fashion a social games unit to leverage one of the hottest trends in the industry triggered by Facebook and Zynga, which offers popular titles such as Farmville and Mafia Wars exclusively on the world’s leading social network.

Amazon’s move to social follows that of Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), which was late to challenge Facebook but did so respectably in June with the launch of Google+. The company would add a section for online games in August.

Does Amazon’s sudden, heightened interest mean the company is going to Google, which followed Facebook, to launch a social network? The company declined to comment for this story.

Amazon doesn’t have the communications base to build the network, said Altimeter Group founding analyst and social media expert Charlene Li. But it does mean the company is seeking tap into social media to discover and share information about purchases they make.

“I think social is going to be embedded into everything they do,” Li told eWEEK. “Amazon has a lot of customer accounts and they can use everything associated with a user’s account as a [social] activity stream.”

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