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WARNINGSocial Caffeine Is NOT For Everybody

My philosophy is based on 3 simple principles…

1. Popularity is vanity, sales are sanity.

2. If content is King, then context is Queen; you must be relevant and extraordinary to go viral.

3. Going viral is not an outcome, it’s a happening.

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I’m not going to waste your time by teaching you how to build a fan pages, or a blogs from scratch or any other crazy stuff you can get done for 5 bucks at Fiverr. What I am going to do is make it worth your while to start investing a little bit of time at my blog to discover new ways to take the “ass” out of assumptions!

I want to teach you why you do what you do because I believe every campaign can be GREAT.

Every week I’ll find the best and the worst campaigns and breaking them down for you so you can learn how to optimize and use them for YOUR business! Unless you want to be just another starving “artist”, you’ve got to believe marketing is both an art and a science…

I believe every campaign can and should be great.

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My Background

social media consultant | lori r taylor

I spent the first 20 years of my business life at RR Donnelley working for the Response Marketing Services division, where I created direct mail campaigns and branding strategies while managing marketing promotions for companies such as Procter & GambleKrogerDisabled American VeteransJuvenile Diabetes Foundations and many others.

I started my own marketing agency in 2009 REV Media Marketing llc right after having twin boys under the guise I needed a more flexible schedule.  However, truth be told my creative ideas and skill set were making billions (yes with a B) for clients, and I selfishly wanted to use my power to start focusing on bringing my own programs & products to life!

I knew the internet would allow me to follow my true passion of content marketing by morphing into a social media consultant and technologist in a digital world exploding with social media marketing.

The tidal wave of technology is transforming our communications and I couldn’t wait to start gobbling it up, racing into the frontier of marketing online with a passion to help small businesses and entrepreneurs build their branding strategies online and off.



“If Content Is King, Then Context is Queen. Be Relevant But Extraordinary If You Want To Go Viral.”

I love being a storyteller who thrives on content marketing that starts a spark, causes a stir, and gets people thinking. If I can’t find a way to create a branding strategy to help you connect emotionally, intelligently and deliberately with your target audience, then what’s the point? While I can’t tell you exactly what will take your message and brand viral I can tell you what won’t!

“Going Viral Is Not An Outcome, It’s A Happening.”

I believe people are driven by a primal need to feel emotionally connected to something or someone, and connect best with brands who feel like people.  Using my  5 C philosophy I help brands to be Consistently Creating Compelling & Contextual Content. Finding a way to their hearts by being the brand they bond with means you are one step closer to watching your word spread like wild fire!

“Business Is Personal. Always Show People YOU Care (If You Want Them To Care).”

I learned the hard way I can’t want it for my clients more than they want it for themselves.  The branding strategy for me is simple – I will only work with companies with true grit and substance, supported by honest integrity. If you aren’t on the up and up; if your product, service or brand doesn’t leave a positive impression on consumers –  if there’s any question of quality – thanks but no thanks.

“Popularity Is Vanity, Sales Is Sanity. It’s Up To You To Decide How Crazy You Can Afford To Be.”

Not that it’s a popularity contest, but YES – unfortunately it is! Marketing is about who is the most interesting, and who the industry experts are discussing, quoting, and following. The key to the ultimate success for your brand is knowing who you should be hanging out with, where and for how long. Focusing on drawing a crowd with no plan or idea of who should be on your VIP list is insane! Knowing who is worth your time and effort will lift you head and shoulders above your competition.

“You Bring The Rain, I’ll Make it Pour.” 

Welcome to the new and magical age of social media and online strategy that gets people talking, gets them to take action as your brand roars full speed ahead. If you want to know how you can REV it up, contact me below.

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Rev Media Marketing
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Milford, OH 45150
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Phone Number: 513.257.0516
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