How to Get Your Readers to Click Without Thinking

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Ever had trouble identifying your niche? I know I have.

I’d like to show you a simple concept that’s helped me understand niche in a new way. I hope it will help you too.

This is an easy trick anyone can use to keep prospects interested on social media. As a bonus, when you use this trick, you’ll automatically maintain focus on your niche, even if you’re still discovering what you’re niche is.

The trick is this:

Press your followers’ hot buttons.

The concept of hot buttons was invented by conversation coach Don Gabor to help those who struggle in social situations find something to talk about.

It’s an easy concept to remember. Hot buttons are topics of high interest to your conversation partner.

To use hot buttons in conversation, you talk about something that’s exciting to your conversation partner. When you do this, even though you’re talking about their interests, they’ll assume you’re an interesting person who’s fun to hang out with.

As Don Gabor says, when you use hot buttons:

“Your conversation partner will feel that you care about her and, hopefully, she will express a similar interest in you.”

Translating to social media, when you tweet or post Facebook updates aimed at pressing the hot buttons of your followers (or the people you’d like to follow you), the people you want to reach out to will assume you’re an interesting person and fun to hang out with.

Easy peasy, right?

Yet so many people ignore this simple advice. They assume their followers will be interested in anything and everything that’s going on in their life. Or they flit around from one niche to another, occasionally pressing the hot buttons of a few followers, but never consistently hitting the spot for all their fans. They miss out on growing a huge following because they fail to take an interest in their followers.

To press your followers buttons, you must be curious about your followers. You must engage them in conversation, and find out about their lives, wants, needs and desires.

How to Press Hot Buttons: A 4-step Guide

1. Listen

Listen out for your prospects’ hot buttons. Talk to people, engage in conversation

You’ll find their hot buttons by observing what they talk about on social media and the questions they ask in comments on your blog. If you have an email newsletter, you can find out the hot buttons of your readers by asking them what they’d like help with. The replies you receive will be hot button gold.

Discover the general hot buttons of your target market, and you’ll know what you should be tweeting about.

2. Know Your Own Hot Buttons

Knowing what your care about is just as important as knowing the hot buttons of your prospects.

You’ll naturally be tempted to tweet about your hot buttons, so it’s a good idea to check for overlap between your follower’s hot buttons and your own. If there’s no overlap, you’re probably in the wrong niche.

3. Broadcast Your Hot Buttons to the World

Once you know the overlap between your own hot buttons and those of your audience, include these in your social media profiles. By broadcasting your own hot buttons, you’ll attract readers who are curious to know more about everything you share on social media.

4. Post updates on Hot Button topics

Now you know the hot buttons of your audience, start pressing them!

As a general rule, for every ten updates you post on social media, nine should press the buttons of your audience.

Now, let’s get pressing!

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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