The One (Simple) Formula For Facebook Ads That Will Deliver Returns

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Facebook Ads 1Let’s talk money.

For a typical brand, a new Facebook fan is worth eight bucks.

That sounds pretty good to me. But it begs the question: How much do you need to splash out on Facebook Ads for a new fan?

Answer: Every new fan you pick up using Facebook will cost you around a dollar, maybe less.

Do your Facebook ads right, and you could be netting a return of 800%. Not too shabby.

An Expensive Mistake

“If you’re gonna play the game, boy
You gotta learn to play it right.” – Kenny Rogers, The Gambler

Facebook Burn MoneyOnline advertising is notoriously expensive, if you get it wrong.

General Motors famously pulled their $10 million Facebook ads because it yielded so few results.

Putting out Facebook ads without knowing your onions is like betting your house on a horse that’s not even in the race.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up some place else.” – Yogi Berra

Your Facebook ad is only as effective as the plan surrounding it.

Before you begin posting ads on Facebook, you must know:

  • How to create an attention grabbing ad (that’s what this blog post will teach you)
  • Your aims for the ad campaign. Who are your target audience? What do you want them to do? If you don’t know where you’re headed, how will you recognize your destination when you’ve arrived?
  • A KPI checklist. Track and measure to boost sales and profits. Without knowing your numbers, how can you prove return on investment?

How to Create Facebook Ads That Really Work

1. Laser Target Your Ads

Google ads are targeted because you’re promoting a product or service people are already searching for. People go to Google to find a solution, and you provide what they need.

Facebook ads are equally pinpointed, but in a different way. Rather than knowing what people need, you know who they are. You can target ads based on age, gender and where they live.

More importantly, you can target ads based on people’s life situation and interests, also known as psychographics.

You can reach any group you want, anywhere in the world.

You can even put out different ads for different audiences.

To get this right, you must know who your target audience is. Have you got that figured out yet?

2. Keep it Fresh

People go onto Facebook to look at news. Not world news, but news of friends, family and the brands they love. Facebook is all about novelty.

If you show the same ad day after day after day you’ll set your audience yawning. Research by David Kelly of Get Busy Media found clickthrough rates drop 66% after an ad has been live for just two and half days (60 hours).

Have a bunch of ads to pull from your sleeve when your audience gets bored with your first one.

3. Test, Test, Test…

There is a simple formula for creating Facebook ads that works, which we’ll come to in a moment.

However, even when you know what works, there’s a ton of different ads you can create. Some will perform better than others. You can’t predict which. To find out, you must split test.

Run different versions of your ad to see which performs best. Change the image, change the copy, change the headline. Try selecting a different target market.

4. Use What Works (The Facebook Ads Formula)

Facebook Be LoudThankfully, intrepid Facebook marketers have gone before you, testing the types of ad that work the best.

The formula is this: Be Loud, Be Engaging, Be Relevant.

Get attention. Then seal the deal. Tell people how to take action, and what’s in it for them if they take this action.

Be Loud. Unlike Google, where users are already searching for a solution to a problem, and ads can be help, Facebook is a space where people go to be social. Ads don’t necessarily add value to the Facebook experience.

To get attention, you must be loud and disruptive. That means writing awesome headlines (we show you how to do that here), and creating images that pull in eyeballs.

For images, unless you’re a global brand, faces work best (It is Facebook, after all. Joking aside, this has been tested). You should only use your logo if you’re a global megabrand.

Bright colors work well, too, especially if they contract with Facebook’s color scheme.

A simple trick is to choose a picture of a face, and surround it with a bold, brightly colored border. Red’s a good choice.

Be Relevant. Relevancy also gets attention. Is your ad targeted at people from a particular city or state? Is it about an issue you know your target market cares about, or a problem that’s weighing on their mind? Mention this in the ad.

Be Engaging. Once you’ve got their attention, you must provide a value proposition. What’s in it for them if they take the action you want? It could be free advice, an ebook, entry into a contest, or getting a good feeling from helping people.

Lastly, tell them what to do. Want them to click through, so they end up on your landing page? Tell them to click the image. Want them to like your page? Let them know.

You get the idea.

The Facebook Ads Formula

Be Loud. Be Relevant. Be Engaging.

Simple advice, yet take a quick scan of the Facebook ads on your Facebook home page. How many follow this formula, and how many ignore it?




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David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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