A Google+ Primer: Just The Basics Please!

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A new social network at this point in time might seem too much, too soon. many of us are only now figuring out how to get the must sue from our Facebook or Twitter account. Now there is a whole new social media creature we need to understand.

You are forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Help Is On Its Way!
Fortunately for you there is help. Namely, every blogger and social media marketer watching every move Google makes with its new social media platform. They are ready and waiting (and eager) to help you figure it out. Helping you helps them understand it better themselves. It also gives them a chance to find potential clients if and when Google+ becomes open to business profiles.

Let’s face it, social media marketing is one of the best promotional tools available today. It has irrevocably changed the world we all live in, creating a true global marketplace for goods and services.

As Google+ continues to upgrade, change and evolve, so to will the services it offers. This means you should make it your business (painful as it may be) to start learning your way around the new social media platform now. The sooner you learn the basics, the sooner you can start checking out Google+ to see if it wouldn’t (perhaps) be a better social media solution for your needs.

Google+ is the new kid on the social network block, combining elements of Facebook and Twitter with new features like “hangouts,” “huddles” and “circles.” Nathan Wright, founder of social media consulting firm Lava Row, explains the best ways to use the new network.

Circles: Circles are a way to categorize people. It’s the first thing you’ll want to set up. “On Facebook, you have your mom, grandma, friend, boss — everyone in one spot,” Wright said. “Creating circles gives you a more private space to post things and see only a select group of people’s updates.”

You can have several different circles — one for family, one for friends, one for following other network users whom you think post valuable updates, and so on. It means your buddies can see your Monday morning status of “Too many tequila shots, worthless at work today.” And your boss won’t.

Hangouts: Hangouts allow you to have a face-to-face-to-face conversation with up to 10 people in a circle. “You can see multiple people on a ‘Brady Bunch’-style grid,” Wright said. “It’s like Skype, but with several people at once.”

The beauty of the hangout? You only meet who you want to meet. Kinda like the man cave, there are no random, uninvited guests in the hangout. “It’s one of the most unique features it offers,” he said.

To start a hangout, click the “welcome” button on the home page. It will prompt you to start a hangout and invite individuals or entire circles.

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