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Twitter and blogging fit together like hand and glove. After all, Twitter was originally set up as a micro-blogging service, and tweets are just miniature blog posts.

But as they’re best buddies, do you really need them both in your social mix?

We say, “Yes!” When best buddies get together, they create something more than when they’re on their own. When homies hang out, awesome happens.

So word up, dear reader. Getting down with Twitter will benefit your blog. Here’s how.

1. Share the Love

Let’s start with the basics (we’ll get to mind blowing in a moment). Twitter is all about sharing content. There’s a ton of great content on your blog. Sharing it on Twitter means you’ll get more attention. Of course, there’s more to Twitter than that. But even if you’re just using Twitter to build a bigger platform for your blog, it’s worth it, right?

This leads neatly to the second reason for using Twitter:

2. Build a Loyal Tribe

Five years ago when blogs were becoming mainstream, you kept up to date on your favorite blogs by subscribing to their RSS feed.

Today, you’d be forgiven for asking, “What’s an RSS?” Even Google has turned its back, having ditched its RSS tool, Google Reader.

Readers nowadays don’t subscribe to blogs. They’ll either sign up to your email list or follow you on social media. So if you want a loyal tribe of readers, you need to be on Twitter.

3. Unstick Your Muse

Stuck for inspiration? Suffering from blogger’s block?

Don’t worry, we all struggle to find our flow at times. And help is at hand! You can turn to Twitter. On Twitter, you can:

  • Ask your followers what they’d like to read about on your blog.
  • Do a Twitter search to find out what questions people have in your niche.

There’s another strategy you can use that’s so powerful it deserves its very own subtitle…

4. Test Out Your Ideas

Writing content takes a ton of time. Even if you can write at high speed, it can still take a morning to get your ideas down, format them for WordPress, find suitable images, schedule the post. So when a post you’ve written bombs, it hurts.

What can you do to make sure that doesn’t happen? Apply the following strategy:

Tweet out quotes and snippets of ideas. If a tweet gets retweeted or favorited a ton of times, then it’s a hit. You can (and should) use it as a springboard for writing a blog post.

When tweets are ignored, well it only took a few seconds to write. So you can afford to let it disappear into the ether.

Using this technique, you’ll never again need to fear blog post flops.

5. Be Present Around the Clock

The old sages of blogging used to say that it was best to blog as much as possible, every day if you could. Otherwise you risked losing your readers to rival blogs.

Things have changed. These days, you can blog less frequently and still retain a loyal following. That’s because most people will follow you on social media, where you can post updates 24/7.

Check out our guide to scheduling to find out more.

6. Get Noticed by Influencers

Influencers in your niche are using Twitter right now. So connect with them!

A really effective way of doing this is to write a blog post about something they’ve said. Then share the blog post on Twitter, including the influencer’s @username in your Tweet.

Oftentimes, they’ll re-tweet your post, shining a light on your blog. Getting retweeted by influencers is also a form of social proof, and creates trust in your brand.

7. Let the Magic Rub Off On You

Curating content is our favorite Twitter strategy at Social Caffeine. It’s one of the easiest ways to create tweets, and our followers enjoy what we share.

What’s more, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field simply by curating cool stuff other people have shared. By sharing cool stuff, the magic of it rubs off on you.

Isn’t this piggybacking on the success of others? Only in the same way that museum curators piggyback on the great stories and civilizations of history.

8. Create Conversation Around Your Blog Posts

You want your blog to get people talking, right? Then give them an opportunity to discuss what you’ve written on Twitter.

You can do this by:

  • Hosting regular Twitter chats focused on the topics of your blog posts.
  • Adding the WordPress plugin Twitter Mentions As Comments to your blog.

Some people even suggest that Twitter is replacing blog comments. What do you think?

You can also use Twitter to extend discussions that take place in the comments section of your blog. As Chris Brogan writes:

“I genuinely believe that the comments section of my blog is better than anything I write on my own. To that end, when a topic seems to take off, I send a note to Twitter alerting people to the quality of the conversation in the comments. It’s not pitchy in nature. I’m simply sharing that the best stuff came after the initial post.”

9. Breathe New Life into Old Content

Are your blog archives gathering dust in the nether regions of your blog? You can put your back catalogue to good use by featuring it in your scheduled Twitter updates. That way all your content gets extra mileage.

You can even use a plugin to automagically tweet old posts. Check out Dustin Stout’s guide for doing that here.

Your Call

How do you link Twitter with your blog in your social strategy? What do you do to make these best buddies work together in the most effective way possible?

Lori R Taylor is the founder and executive editor of Social Caffeine. In 2009 she started her own direct response focused social media agency, REV Media Marketing LLC, coining the phrase given by her young son, “You bring the rain, we’ll make it pour.” Follow Lori on Twitter.

David is our acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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Lisa Buben March 16, 2014 at 7:16 am

Lori, I can’t imagine blogging without Twitter. I surely hope they don’t change the social network and make it more like Facebook as I’ve read the past few months. This post also reminds me to get more active with Twitter Chats, love em!


David Masters March 18, 2014 at 6:24 am

Thanks Lisa! We love Twitter the way it is too, though social networks will always change with the times.


Sonia March 18, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Thanks Lori. I am definitely a fan of twitter and share my post using Hootsuite. However, I know that I don’t use it to its fullest potential. I do like to read tweets and retweet those that resonate with me and that I want others to benefit from too. I would love to increase the retweets of my own posts.


David Masters March 24, 2014 at 6:50 am

A simple way of doing that is to write “Please retweet” within your tweet. Dan Zarella’s research found this increases the retweet rate 4x. Other research has shown it can increase the retweet rate by 20x!


Alexandra Gurevich April 7, 2014 at 8:10 pm

Thank you for the tips, Lori. I recently started blogging and tweeting. I am going to try your advice regarding mentioning the influencers and testing of posts. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on what is being retweeted.


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