8 Steps To Cutting Your Brands’s Marketing Strategy In 2011 (and making more?)

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Cutting your brand’s marketing budget doesn’t mean you will lose sales or profits.  It actually can lead you to the light if you are smart about your decisions and make them strategically.

The key to knowing what to cut is being able to tie dollars directly back to the spend.  Even with social media this is possible.  However, you need the right tools in place and you also need to have dollars tied to actions you ask your visitors to take.

For example while you hopefully know what a sale is worth to you, do you know how much traffic it takes for you to get that sale? Are you able to accurately assess which traffic converts the best not just to a paid offer but to a free one as well.

Yes, that’s right.  Believe it or not, some brands find the customers who enter their sales funnel seeking information, actually affords the brand the opportunity to mean more to the prospect than just an immediate solution.  In fact, by tracking lifetime value of a customer, you can make better decisions of where to focus your efforts.

With the changing marketing landscape and new marketing channels, most small-to-mid-size firms lack in-house expertise in graphic design, digital marketing, social media, public relations, web design and content management, direct marketing and event and database management. They go to multiple vendors for their expertise, and thus end up spending a lot of time and money and still feeling like not much has been accomplished. This multi-vendor approach dilutes the brand and the message because there is no consistency. The key to marketing success is to find someone who can integrate all of these essential services.

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