7 Ways to Get Fired Using Social Media

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FiredThis is a guest post by Richard McMunn of How2Become.

Few of us would choose to meet with all our friends, colleagues and our boss for a drink at the same time.

Yet social media sites have the potential to create this boundless virtual space where different social circles intermingle and blend into one.

Even though the boundaries between social, personal and work life are totally confused on social media, the real world remains the real world.

Things that can get you fired in the real world can still get you fired, whether they happen on a social media site, or your boss’s office! In fact, cases of firing over something said or done on Twitter or Facebook are increasingly common.

If you want to get fired using social media, you’re in the right place to find out how. Here are 7 guaranteed ways to get fired using social media.

1. Whine about your job on Facebook.

When it comes to social media, you may think you are saying something to a few select friends, or simply venting your spleen after a hard day at work, but in fact what you may be doing is broadcasting your opinions to the whole world via your social media profile! Social media gives us the opportunity and false security of thinking it’s private, when in fact, it mostly isn’t, so be very frank and opinionated about your work and work colleagues and wait for the call from HR.

2. Disclose your whereabouts when you are out slacking off with friends instead of being at work.

If your work colleagues are connected to your vine, they might be able to inform your boss, at least those of them who aren’t too fond of you. Even better would be if your boss is connected to you in person, that should do the trick rather quickly.

3. Make all your personal dilemmas about your new job offer public on social media.

Tweet your confusion about whether this is the best you can do, and wait for your friends to opine and help you out. What you won’t have to wait for is the offer to be promptly withdrawn.

4. Make videos of you and your chums goofing off at work.

Encourage people to share and like and generally promote your creations, until your boss sees what you’ve really been up to at work, and decides to do some HR spring cleaning.

5. Completely ignore the history, culture and origin of the company you work for.

This way, you can make insensitive and ignorant comments about any natural disasters or problems that may befall your company’s home land, and you can create a little disaster all of your own.

For instance if you work with the secret service, feel free to make a detailed log about various secret information you may in possession of and post it in the form of a ‘Facebook note’. Or if you happen to be a police officer, by all means befriend criminal suspects on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

7. Be aggressive about your political views to grab attention.

Many people are political, and that’s okay. But forcing your views down your co-workers’ (or worse, boss’s) throat via social media, is a surefire way to alienate yourself and put your job at risk.

If you’re wondering how to get fired from your role of employment through social media, follow any of the 7 suggestions laid out above and job done, my friends!

Richard McMunn, is the founder and director of the leading career website How2become.com. His aim is to help as many people as possible pass the recruitment process they are applying for to secure the job they really want. You can also connect with Richard and How2become on YouTube.

David is Social Caffeine’s acting editor. He’s British, but we don’t hold that against him.

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