7 Strategies For Green Branding Success

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Can your brand afford to go green with today’s new standards?

Do you know what it really costs for you to create a cohesive green branding strategy?

Does your brand have what it takes to meet stringent requirements and exceed consumers expectations for performance?

It’s not as easy as it looks for brands to jump on the hot trend of “going green”.  It’s become a very serious business and the regulators are doing everything they can to ensure your brand is playing “full out”.

Going green isn’t just about changing how your packaging looks and putting out a creative marketing message, as daunting as that may to you.  It’s much more complicated than it appears and our friends at Media Post have done a great job of giving you a high level view at the 7 successful strategies they believe work well for “going green” successfully.

Meeting the challenges of today’s level of green consumerism presents its own mandates for corporate processes, branding practices, product quality, price, and promotion. To realize that the rules of the game have changed in a big way, one need only recall the unsavory backlash that is now occurring over what is perceived by environmentalists, regulators, and the press as inconsistent and often misleading eco-labels and messages.

The resulting deluge of skepticism, confusion, and regulatory nightmares that spurious green claims — dubbed “greenwash” — are spawning in the marketplace proves that environmental marketing involves more than tweaking one or two product attributes and dressing up packages with meaningless and often misleading claims. Too many marketers are learning the hard way that leveraging environment-related opportunities and addressing sustainability-related challenges requires a total commitment to greening one’s products and communications.

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